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The Division 2 Season 11 Release Date — When Does It Start?

It Might Not Be What You Want To Hear, But ...
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UPDATE 01/31/23: The Division on Twitter has officially announced that The Division 2, Season 11: Reign of Fire will begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2023! In addition, there will be a special live stream the day before, on Monday, February 6. The original story will follow as initially published.

It’s now officially ‘early 2023,’ and you know what that means! Any day now, The Division 2’s eleventh season will — finally — launch … right? Ever since it was delayed from its initial December launch to an undetermined day in ‘early 2023,’ fans have been clamoring for more information. But, has any new info been revealed about when they can expect to jump back into The Division 2? Read on to find out!

When Does The Division 2 Season 11 Launch?

As of writing, no specific information regarding a release date has been revealed. But, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to report! In fact, quite recently the Season 11 PTS (or, Public Test Server) was launched and subsequently closed. That alone should tell players that the development team is hard at work on the latest season of The Division 2. When this season is launched, there will be a new target, ‘Stovepipe.’

When the season was delayed, more information on the enigmatic ‘Year 5’ content was also revealed. In addition to a dedicated livestream with even more information on ‘Year 5,’ there will also be a new season and game mode. Ubisoft is set to reveal more about all of this in the spring of 2023.

The Division 2 initially launched on March 12, 2019. In May of 2022, we reported on the launch of the ninth season, which introduced four new targets for players to take out. It was the first new content the game had seen since early-2021, when Ubisoft began re-running seasonal content. Season 10, known as ‘Price of Power,’ ran from mid-September to mid-November. Season 11 will be called ‘Reign of Fire.’

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