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How to Get Memento Backpack in The Division 2

Backpacking through New York
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The Division 2 offers a multitude of rewards and loots for players to enhance their character. Whether through talents or equipment, you can gain a lot simply by playing the game. Some are essentially random, as you acquire them through loot or drops. Others were fixed rewards for leveling up or progressing. The Memento backpack was a bit of both…sort of.

How to Get Memento Backpack in The Division 2

The Memento backpack could be acquired in a few ways. The simplest way was to get it as a reward. You’d be able to unlock it as you progress through the game. In order to do this, you needed to get the Warlords of New York expansion and gain levels in the season pass by playing. The Concealed Agenda reward track in Season 3 would allow you to get the backpack as a level 90 reward. The seasons for Division 2, unfortunately, come and go so this is no longer viable.

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Now, one of the only ways to get it is with targeted backpack drops. That means you’ll be farming a bit in order to acquire it. This brings a bit of randomness because it’s possible you may not get one in a session or several in succession. Playing Summit’s 5-6 directive on Heroic has gotten people a lot of success. Summit in general tends to be the go-to, as players clear floors and get the backpack.

The other way is to seek out missions and rewards that offer an exotic cache. This cache offers a random exotic item from a pool of items. The Memento backpack happens to be an exotic item, so you can end up with one by opening the cache.  

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