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How to Get Lady Death in The Division 2

To challenge The Division 2 is to court death.
Division 2 How to Get All Hunter Masks
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Facing the world of The Division 2 can be overwhelming thanks to the unforgiving raids and the all-powerful enemies. That is why gear sets and exotic weapons exist, to give the player an extra push to be able to be capable enough to not die immediately after joining a mission. Well, you are in luck, because if you would want any entity to be on your side of any conflict, that entity is Lady Death. And when I say entity, I mean an exotic weapon. Here is how to get Lady Death in The Division 2.

How to Get Lady Death

Lady Death not only is Thanos’ love interest, but in the world of The Division 2, it is an exotic submachine gun that can be unlocked in the game. Talk about range! Anyway, this SMG has a rate of fire of 900, a magazine of 32 rounds and a talent named Breathe Free. This talent will grant you 4 stacks per second while moving, or 8 stacks while sprinting, stackable up to 40 stacks.

Each round you fire afterward will consume a stack and will increase its damage output by 60%. Additionally, all kills will grant you a 20% bonus movement speed lasting for 10s. The way you will be able to get Lady Death is acquiring it by defeating World Bosses in New York City. It has a drop rate of 3%, and currently it is available as general loot, so you will be able to get it through targeted loot farming.

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So, yeah, basically everything in The Division 2 is a game of grinding and drop rate percentage. So if you really love The Division 2, you are in luck, you will get to play it a lot. But anyway, that is pretty much it. I hope you don’t get stuck waiting for Lady Death to appear. I mean, the SMG, not the actual Lady Death. You get what I’m saying. Well, bye.

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