The Division 2 Battle Pass Leveling Guide

Warlords of New York, The Division’s new expansion, introduced Season Passes into the game. The Season Pass functions similarly to how it does in other games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. There are some good rewards like the Coyote’s Mask, The Sacrifice, Baker’s Dozen, and various other decent named items.

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This guide will show you some strategies you can use to quickly level up your Battle Pass. You should keep in mind that leveling this isn’t all that important, but if you have some items you really want from the Battle Pass you can follow these tips to help speed up the process.

Target Practice

Target Practice is an activity in the game where you can shoot a bunch of targets to gain some quick experience. The experience you gain is scaled by difficulty, so be sure to set the Global Difficulty and Directives as high as you can to max out your experience. You should be seeing somewhere around 330,000 experience granted from this activity.

These Target Practice activities will spawn and respawn in areas that you have control over. A good way to get more Target Practice locations to pop up is to go out and take over control of more areas. You should be doing this all on Heroic, so the Target Practice activities spawn are also Heroic difficulty.

Global Difficulty and Directives

Directives allow you to add modifiers to the game that will make it more challenging, but also provide you with bonus experience. To efficiently farm experience you should be turning on as many of these Directives as you can while still being able to comfortably clear areas.


  • Ammo Hoarders – Reduced ammo and excess ammo is lost on reload. Enemies don’t drop ammo and ammo is not shown on the mini-map
  • Cool Skills – When one skill is activated the other is put on cooldown.
  • Fog of War Revisited – Mini-map and directional threat indicators are removed.
  • No Regen – Armor never regenerates after an encounter. It can be manually healed.
  • Special Ammo – Enemy bullets may be of special types. What type depends on the enemy faction.

Other Activities

With the Global Difficulty and Directives set to the highest you can handle, you should start going out and doing various activities. Here’s what you can expect to get from activities with the game on Heroic Difficulty:

  • Warhound Convoy – ~300,000 experience
  • Public Execution – ~250,000 experience
  • Territory Control – ~250,000 experience

Most activities can be completed within a few minutes. Control points don’t give you a significant amount of XP, so you should avoid those unless you need to spawn some Target Practice activities.


Missions can give you a good amount of XP as well as provide you with some loot and blueprints for your trouble. These generally take a bit longer than activities and can be very challenging on Heroic.

Dark Zone does not currently give you XP towards your Battle Pass but this may be changed in the future.

In conclusion, the best way to quickly level up your Battle Pass experience is by increasing the difficulty, turning on directives, and hopping from area to area completing activities. Focus on activities you can do easily and quickly such as Target Practice, Convoys, Public Executions, and Territory Control.

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