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The Best Killer Perks in Dead By Daylight

The Best Killer Perks in Dead By Daylight

Much like the Survivors in Dead By Daylight, the Killers aren’t just sitting around twiddling their thumbs between trials. You spend enough time being a supernatural monster, you tend to pick up a few tricks to make the daily grind a little more cohesive. With a little training, you can be the best killing machine there ever was. Here are a few of the best Killer perks in Dead By Daylight.

The Clown: Pop Goes the Weasel

With this perk, after you hook a Survivor, if you go and damage a generator, it’ll instantly lose 25% of its repair progress. This perk is great for keeping pressure on survivors while giving you a little extra incentive for getting those hooks (besides, y’know, winning the game).

The Blight: Hex: Undying

This perk turns the Trial into a veritable minefield for Survivors. With this hex active, any survivor that walks near a totem will have their aura revealed to you for a few seconds. Even better, if a Survivor cleanses the totem the hex is applied to, it’ll automatically transfer to a random dull totem. Unless you’re dealing with a particularly meticulous group of Survivors, you’ll always be able to keep tabs on them.

The Nurse: A Nurse’s Calling

It’s a pain in the butt when a Survivor escapes you and heals themselves, undoing the damage you dealt. With this perk, you can take that little problem out of the equation. A Nurse’s Calling will reveal the auras of all healing Survivors within a certain radius, whether they’re doing it or receiving it. Now a Survivor will either need to sneak to the other side of the map to heal, or risk doing it under your nose and getting caught.

The Plague: Corrupt Intervention

It’s no fun if everybody’s avoiding you; what say we make the party a little more intimate? At the beginning of the Trial, this perk will summon The Entity to block all Generators furthest from your personal starting point. If the Survivors want a generator to work on, they’re gonna have to get a little closer to find one.

The Cannibal: Barbecue and Chilli

The unquestionable best Killer perk in Dead by Daylight, and pretty much the only reason anyone plays as Leatherface. This perk has two effects, both incredibly useful: the primary effect kicks in when you hook a Survivor. After a successful hook, the auras of all Survivors are revealed to you for a few seconds, provided they’re further than 40 meters from the hook. This way, once you hook someone, you can immediately start tracking someone else.

The secondary effect is a stackable Bloodpoint bonus that increases each time you hook a Survivor for the first time. If you hook all four Survivors once each, that’s 100% more Bloodpoints in your pocket. There’s basically no downside to this perk.

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