The Best Dead by Daylight Maps, Ranked
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The Best Dead by Daylight Maps, Ranked

Here are our official rankings of some of the best maps in Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight: Survivor edition screenshot
Image via Behaviour Interactive

The maps and realms within Dead by Daylight are generally designed to serve either the Survivor or the Killer. Since every map has a different layout with various routes to escape or catch your prey. That being said, there are still some that are more balanced, offering a fair challenge for both parties. And these are typically the ones that are more fun to play.

Here are the best maps in Dead by Daylight ranked.

The Best Dead by Daylight Maps, Ranked

#5 – Autohaven Wreckers: Wrecker’s Yard

Autohaven Wreckers is one of the original realms in Dead by Daylight, and stands as one of the fan-favourite’s to this day. With loads of junk to hide behind in each one of the five maps, as well as a few hidden tricks for both Survivors and Killers alike, it’s easily one of the better realms in the game.

Wrecker’s Yard is the smallest of the five maps in Autohaven Wreckers and yet, it presents just enough of a challenge, regardless of which side you’re on. Despite having no structure, Wrecker’s Yard has a very open feel to it, which makes it one of the more heart-pumping layouts in Dead by Daylight.

#4 – Red Forest: Temple of Purgation

Similar to Autohaven Wreckers, the Red Forest is another iconic scene in Dead by Daylight. With an extremely dark design with loads of trees and tall grass, it’s easy to sneak around every map in the Red Forest realm. However, the Temple of Purgation is truly something to behold.

This ancient temple was released alongside the nightmarish Plague and is filled with evil spirits, home to the high priestess herself. Inside you will find a maze of ruins and mysterious doors to unlock. It’s easily one of the more unsettling and eerie maps in the game, which is exactly what Dead by Daylight is all about.

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#3 – Ormond: Mount Ormond Resort

The Mount Ormond Resort is the only map featured in the Ormond Realm. Even still, it remains one of the best maps in Dead by Daylight. Not only is it one of the largest maps in the entire game, featuring multiple avenues to escape through the vast structure of the ski resort. But it’s also one of the more popular maps for both Killers and Survivors.

Even though it tends to favour Survivors due to the sheer amount of routes there are to escape and lose the Killer. It’s also one of the brightest maps in Dead by Daylight. So, you can certainly have success as both a Survivor and as a Killer. Plus, it’s the only map in the game that has snow, which is a nice change.

#2 – Coldwind Farm: Fractured Cowshed

Next up we have Coldwing Farm, which is another classic realm that benefits the Survivors and the Killers. On the one hand, the large corn stalks and hay barrels help keep Survivor’s hidden as they maneuver throughout the massive corn field. On the other hand, it can also provide concealment for the Killer as well, allowing them to sneak up on you at a moment’s notice.

Fractured Cowshed is one of five maps within the Coldwind Farm realm, and one of the largest maps in the entire game, centred around the main barn. Not only is the map huge but it also comes with countless loops and ways to escape, specifically along the edges. Similar to a few other maps on our list, this one tends to favour the Survivor over the Killer. However, I’ve found that it’s equally difficult to navigate for both parties, so, there really isn’t much of a difference

#1 – Red Forest: Mother’s Dwelling

Finally, we’ve got the Mother’s Dwelling in the Red Forest. If you’ve ever played Dead by Daylight, then you’re probably no stranger to this realm, since it’s home to some of the most enthralling maps in the game. Tall grass, spooky woods, eerie shadows, and ominous fog, the maps in Red Forest make for a true horror experience. Specifically, in the Mother’s Dwelling.

Mother’s Dwelling is the second map in the Red Forest realm and the biggest map in Dead by Daylight. It’s absolutely ginormous and riddled with tons of obstructions, making it extremely difficult for Killers to keep up and coordinate. That being said, it’s also very dark, making it easy to hide. So, Killers have just as much of an advantage, even if they have more ground to cover. Presenting the perfect “cat and mouse” game.

That concludes our ranking of the best maps in Dead by Daylight. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our other Dead by Daylight content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to counter stealth Killers or what does “SWF” mean in Dead by Daylight?

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