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Roblox Dimensional Fighters Codes (January 2023)

We have the active fighters codes that will get you some excellent rewards!
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Roblox Dimensional Fighters is a fun action game where players play superheroes and anime characters. This game is for players who imagine Iron Man fighting against Naruto; however, you will have to prevail in fights to unlock well-known characters. You can develop the skills and combo attacks of the hero you choose to play as and square off against other players in the game. You can also gather skins and other characters. To get them, you will have to use the Dimensional Fighters codes. Keep in mind that the codes eventually expire, so keep track of redeeming them so you won’t miss the rewards.

If a new code is not working, relaunch the game and join another server with an updated version of the game to redeem the latest codes. The codes unlock cash which will help you develop your character into becoming the strongest fighter in the universe. Plus, the codes help unlock new characters a lot faster and easier.

Dimensional Fighters Codes List

Dimensional Fighters Codes (Working)

Here are all the working codes Dimensional Fighters Codes.

  • NEWYEAR — Unlocks: 5k in Cash
  • CHRISTMAS — Unlocks: 6k in Cash
  • 1KMEMBERS — Unlocks: in Cash
  • OHOHOH — Unlocks: 666 in Cash
  • SLEPOK — Unlocks: 666 in Cash
  • ABCCBA — Unlocks: 5k in Cash
  • HERORO — Unlocks: 555 Cash, Ice, Spider-Man, Swordsman, or Scoundrel
  • OKSLEP — Unlocks: 1k in Cash
  • SLEEPDOG — Unlocks: 888 Cash

Dimensional Fighters Codes (Expired)

These are the expired codes for Dimensional Fighters.


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How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Dimensional Fighters

Below, follow the instructions to redeem codes in Roblox Dimensional Fighters. Again, ensure you stay up to the task with the codes as they expire, and new ones come about.

Roblox Pet Sim X
Image Via Roblox
  1. Open Roblox and Launch Dimensional Fighters
  2. At the top of the screen, click on the Redeem Gift Box Button
  3. Enter the codes to unlock them on the Please Enter The Redeem Code Text Box. Make sure you double-check to see if you typed the code correctly
  4. Click the OK Button after you’re done typing the code

How Can You Get More Codes For Roblox Dimensional Fighters?

To get more codes for Dimensional Fighters, visit the author’s BaofuBaoshshou2 official discord server. Check back for updates on the codes so you can keep track of them and redeem them if needed. If you are looking for all the codes at once, the best thing to do is to check back with this guide.

Why are the Dimensional Fighters Codes Not Working?

The codes can last for a while, but eventually, they expire after some time. The codes all depend on the choices of the developer, so it is a must that you redeem the codes ASAP! Another reason a code may not work is a spelling error; make sure you type the codes correctly to ensure their use for rewards. It is best that you copy and paste the codes into the text box instead of typing them.

Other ways to Get Rewards in Dimensional Fighters Codes

To get other rewards in Dimensional Fighters, go check out and join the Sleeping Dogs Club Roblox Group. Joining the group will allow you to get free gold coins frequently. Redeeming codes is a great way to get better at the game, but there is nothing better than free rewards.

What is Roblox Dimensional Fighters?

Roblox Dimensional Fighters is an action game where you get to play as Marvel heroes or popular Anime characters. Each character is different so the flow of the match depends on the character’s skills and abilities. As a beginner, you will have to get accustomed to the game first because combat can be hard. To overcome the difficulties in the game, please use the Dimensional Fighters Codes. The codes will help you get better and master the game.

We hope that you enjoyed our guide on the Roblox Dimensional Fighters codes. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to view our updated content regularly. If you are looking for codes for other Roblox games, check out our guides on Roblox Choo-Choo Charles Codes (January 2023) and Shattered Psycho Roblox Codes (January 2023) – Do They Exist?. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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