Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts List and Locations

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person roguelike video game from Hopoo Games. It’s a sequel to the first Risk of Rain game and was released on March 28, 2019. Throughout the game, players can find Artifacts in the world that are basically modifiers that change different parts of the game. In this guide, we’ll cover all of the different Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts.

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Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts

Artifacts were in the first Risk of Rain, and are also one of the main features in Risk of Rain 2. Artifacts can be found in different areas of specific levels. You’ll come across large tablets sticking out of the ground with a sequence of codes on them.

It’s possible to find a piece of an Artifact code and find the other piece elsewhere. The codes will contain different shapes of either squares, circles, triangles, or diamonds in a 3×3 grid.

In order to activate Artifacts, you need to use the proper Artifact Code in the Sky Meadows realm. This is the fifth stage of the game. There are currently sixteen different Artifacts in the game. You are granted one freebie Artifact code that will be available at this location when you find it.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts | How To

Artifact of Chaos

This artifact causes Friendly Fire to become enabled for survivors and monsters. The Artifact of Chaos is split into two pieces. The second half of the Artifact requires Runald and Kjaro gate to be opened first.

  • Location: Abandoned Aqueduct
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts | Artifact of Chaos

Artifact of Command

With this Artifact, you can now choose which items you can get while playing. This one is behind a frozen blue creature, and it’s very hard to see.

  • Location: Bazaar Between Time
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts - Artifact of Command

Artifact of Death

When playing with other people, everyone now dies if one player dies. You’ll have to jump off the side of the map and explore some underground tunnels for this one. It’s very difficult to see to the naked eye.

  • Location: Wetlands Aspect N’kuhana’s Altar
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts - Artifact of Death

Artifact of Dissonance

Monsters can appear anywhere in the game outside of their regular areas. You will have to have good mobility to get over to this Artifact.

  • Location: Abyssal Depths
Artifact of Dissonance - Risk of Rain 2

Artifact of Enigma

Spawn with a random item that changes into a new item each time it’s activated. You will need to have good mobility to get over to this Artifact.

  • Location: Bulwark’s Ambry – Artifact Portal
Artifact of Enigma

Artifact of Evolution

Monsters now evolve and use items as you progress through the game. This Artifact requires Beads of Fealty.

  • Location: A Moment, Whole – Celestial Portal
Artifact of Evolution

Artifact of Frailty

Players take twice as much fall damage now.

  • Location: Void Fields Null Portal
Artifact of Frailty

Artifact of Glass

Allies can deal 500% more damage now, but only have 10% of their regular hit points.

  • Location: A Moment, Fractured – Celestial Portal
Artifact of Glass

Artifact of Honor

Any enemy that spawns will now be elite. This is the freebie code everyone gets when they first get to the Sky Meadows location.

  • Location: Sky Meadows
Artifact of Honor

Artifact of Kin

This Risk of Rain 2 Artifact makes it so there is only one enemy per level.

  • Location: Distant Roost Non Variation
Artifact of Kin

Artifact of Metamorphasis

You will now spawn into the game as a completely random survivor character.

  • Location: Titanic Plains Variation
Artifact of Metamorphasis

Artifact of Sacrifice

Enemies will now drop loot whenever they die, but you won’t be able to find anymore chests in the world.

  • Location: Gilded Coast – Gold Portal
Artifact of Sacrifice

Artifact of Soul

Wisps will now spawn from dead enemies. This Artifact requires some good mobility to find.

  • Location: Scorched Acres
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts Artifact of Soul

Artifact of Spite

Killing enemies makes them drop several bombs. Head to the settings menu, and you’ll see this one on the right side of the screen. You can change the LOD Bias from Ultra to Custom to see the full code.

  • Location: Settings Menu
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts Artifact of Spite

Artifact of Swarms

There are now twice as many enemy spawns but their health is half of normal. You will need some good mobility to be able to find this one. It’s on an island off the side of the map, and you can take the crates over to it.

  • Location: Rallypoint Delta
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts Artifact of Swarms

Artifact of Vengeance

A clone of yourself will enter the game every 10 minutes. This Artifact becomes more challenging the further you are into the game, so be sure to use it early on.

  • Location: Hidden Realm: A Moment, Fractured
Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts Artifact of Vengeance

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