Revived With patch notes

Revived With patch notes (November 16)

Revived Witch has just deployed its first post-launch update for the Global version of the game. The patch notes indicate some fixes for various aspects of the game, including performance fixes for some phones and emulators causing crashing issues. You can find the full Revived Witch patch notes for the November 16 update below.

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To compensate for the downtime, Yostar Limited is giving all players 200 Souls and 1 Stamina Flask, redeemable upon login to the game after the update is complete. Players also now receive an additional 200 Souls due to a connection issue. The maintenance period was from November 16 at 04:00 AM to 07:00 AM (UTC-7). Afallen is featured on the time-limited rate-up banner until November 18, and Tuonel takes her place for the next banner.

Revived Witch patch notes (November 16)

  • Fixed the rare issue that players may not be able to continue on the storyline when exploring Floor 15 of the Chrono Tower.
  • Fixed the display issue of 1st Limited Summon.
  • Clearance Rewards will now display all possible loot.
  • Fixed the problem that some players were not able to add Friends.
  • Improved the combat effects of Octavia’s costume.
  • Improved the performance of Cottage on some simulators.
  • Fixed the issue that some dialogs would be skipped during storyline conversation.
  • Improved the display performance of the Music Box playlist.
  • Fixed the issue of Doll Filter in Archive under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the rare issue that players may lose in Evil Return when they won the fight.
  • Improved the performance of the game on some phones.
  • Fixed the issue that the healing affix on equipment may not work in some stages.
  • Improved the display of Enchantment affixes.
  • Fixed the issue that using the Enchantment would cause game error under some circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue that “Enchantment Complete” would appear when the player canceled the Enchantment.
  • Yurugu’s passive skill will work properly in Chronospace Breach.
  • Fixed the rare issue that players may not be able to continue on the storyline when exploring Floor 5 of the Chrono Tower.

Patch notes via Yostar

Remember to check our Revived Witch codes and Revived Witch tier list pages so you don’t miss out on any freebies, and you’ll know which dolls are worth the investment.

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