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Revived Witch Tier List (February 2023)

Revived Witch tier list

Revived Witch is a new mobile gacha RPG from Yostar Limited, the creators of the popular Arknights and Azur Lane games, among others. In this game, players control a witch who can’t seem to remember much about her. Travel across mysterious worlds to uncover her memories and meet new companions to help you battle. There are many dolls in the game, so we’re here to help you out with our Revived Witch tier list so you can have an idea of which dolls to summon.

Please note that this Revived Witch tier list is still a work in progress as the game has just been released. We will edit the list over time when we get more time to experiment with each of the best dolls in Revived Witch. We also explain how to reroll in Revived Witch down below. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back for updates!

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Revived Witch Tier List

  • S-Tier – Afallen, Amanami, Celanya, Ella, Tuonel, Mayahuel, Mineer, Ushpia, Arcana, Metamorphosesm Catherine
  • A-Tier – Akasha, Caledonia, Cynetia, Goorveig, La Crima, Lilia, Yui, Nannar, Kapla, Matveiffe, Datheios, Dorin
  • B-Tier – Kyphon, Inn & Lou, Luan, Flora, Pakane, Tama, Norn, Avil, Dana, Cersivey
  • C-Tier – Fey, Hilda, Octavia, Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi, Cetess, Yurugu, Mikoto, Czerni, Croche, Ruda, Yothaya, Mortimer, Eulalia, Primula, Cuspidata, Anemone, Viola, Acheronte

Revived Witch Team Builds

Here are the best teams in Revived Witch by type:

  • Mercury – Afallen, Amanami, Mineer/Ushpia
  • Saltstone – Tuonel, Tama, Ella/Cynetia
  • Brimstone – Norn, Celanya/Akasha, Caledonia

There are many other viable team builds and compositions, but this is considered the meta right now. However, do not let this list discourage you from trying out new lineups. You may find something that works much better for your preferred playstyle!

Revived Witch Free Summons

Upon completing the tutorial, each player has one hundred free attempts at a ten pull (summons). That means you have 100 chances to get ten good starting dolls. Remember, though, once your 100 chances are up, that’s it, and there’s no going back unless you want to make an entirely new account and reroll.

The best dolls to aim for in the Revived Witch tutorial pulls are Afallen or Tuonel and any SSR like Ushpia. Many people are aiming for Afallen and Ushpia, but you may never see that exact combination. Therefore, you can settle for Tuonel or Afallen as your UR characters and any other SSR you like from the list.

The rarest dolls are UR (Ultra Rare), with the next rarest being SSR. You’ll want to aim for at least 1 UR and 1 SSR in a single roll. Follow that rule of thumb and use the guide above, and you’ll be fine.

Revived Witch tier list 2

How to Reroll in Revived Witch

To reroll in Revived Witch, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Revived Witch.
  2. Tap on Switch Account on the top left.
  3. Select Guest Account.
  4. Complete your free pulls.
  5. Tap on your profile icon on the top left.
  6. Tap on Account Information and User Center.
  7. Bind the account to a temporary email.
  8. Select Clear Account, and repeat the process.

After you have the perfect starting lineup for you, you can bind your account to your permanent Yostar email, Twitter, Facebook, or Apple/Google ID. For most players, 100 rolls will be plenty to start with unless you are being extremely picky and looking to min-max your account. Remember, after a while, you will likely have most of the dolls anyway, so don’t get too greedy!

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