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Vampire Survivors Update 0.2.10 Change Log

Vampire Survivors is quickly becoming a hit on Steam, surpassing 40,000 concurrent users in weeks after its launch. The developers are hard at work pushing out updates to make the game better in all aspects, including performance-wise and content-wise. A new update released on January 30, and we have the Vampire Survivors update 0.2.10 change log below to review.

The major changes in this patch are three new achievements, two new characters, and a special challenge stage. There are also a plethora of bug fixes, tweaks, and even some new animations for a bunch of enemies on all stages. The complete Vampire Survivors update 0.2.10 change log is below.

Vampire Survivors Update 0.2.10 Change Log

New Content

  • Three new achievements. Check their description to see what they unlock.
  • Two new characters: Dommario and Suor Clerici
  • A new special challenge stage that is similar to the classic Mad Forest but has no new enemies or layout. It comes with a minor new feature that expands with every new future stage. Enter or exit a run if you’ve already satisfied the requirements to unlock it.
  • Rework of the Mad Forest layout in preparation for a future release
  • Streamer Friendly soundtrack for inlaid library stage
  • Option to play the old soundtrack by disabling “Streamer Safe Music” from the Options menu (only affects the Library Stage)
  • New animations for Mudmen, Mummies, Ghost Witches, and Library Bosses
  • Bugfix so the game should not crash anymore on triggering texture errors when “pausing while leveling up” or a similar situation


  • Minor increase to chance that killing an enemy with Soul Easter spawns a little heart
  • Minor increase to Pentagram’s base chance to not delete items
  • “Refund Powerup” button is at the top of the PowerUp Selection screen. Use it to try new upgrade paths!
  • Reduced volume of the infamous “Treasure Found” sound
  • Added an Epilepsy warning on launch of the game
  • Made it easier to do certain inputs on the main screen

Future Updates

Other than new evolutions and missing characters, February will focus on releasing Stage 3. It will also unlock a new minor game mechanic that gives the ability to recruit new special characters.

New localization is in the works, which will feature the following new languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Quality of life improvements like key rebinding, chicken and money bag lock, smooth-out input after leveling, and more will be added in future patches. Some rendering issues still exist on certain hardware, and the team is working on improving this.

Mac and Linux builds for Vampire Survivors will be coming soon, as well as the Steam Deck. A mobile version of the game launched as a tester in May 2021 and did not run well. The team is running a parallel project to port the game to an engine that runs better on mobile devices. The developers suggest trying Magic Survival on Android, a game that inspired the original prototype for Vampire Survivors!

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