One of the interesting gameplay aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 is hacking. In Cyberpunk 2077, you can hack systems by breaching them, but you can also apply Quickhacks. You can think of quickhacks as spells you can perform on network equipment and enemy players. Here is our quickhack guide for Cyberpunk 2077. 

Quickhack Guide for Cyberpunk 2077

All quick hacks take RAM in order to initiate. How much RAM you have is determined by what Cyberdeck you have. Different perks will also allow you to recover RAM as you progress in your mission, and your Cyberdeck will also recover RAM over time. 

Primary Quickhacks

In Cyberpunk 2077, you can collect a variety of quickhacks. These quickhacks are equipped into your Cyberdeck, which is the Operating System component of your Cyberware. All cyberdecks come with a base set of quickhacks. 

Assist Mode

Assist Mode is used for Turrets, and it allows you to take manual control of a turret to mark enemies for it to attack.

Breach Protocol

Breach Protocol will hack a system and apply debuffs to it. You will have to play the breach protocol mini-game to use the hack. Extra debuffs can be found in the Breach Protocol perk tree. 

Distract Enemies

Just as it sounds, Distract Enemies will cause a piece of equipment to go haywire. Nearby enemies will turn around and focus on the equipment for a short time. 

Friendly Mode

This quickhack will change the targeting preference of a turret or booby trap, making it target your enemies. 

Initiate Overload

Overload will cause an electric overload in the equipment and destroy it.

Remote Deactivation

Allows you to turn off a various range of equipment, primarily used to disable turrets and cameras. 

Take Control

Take Control lets you take full control of a turret or a camera to get a different view of an area.

Going beyond the standard quickhacks that come equipped on the various Cyberdecks in the game, you can also find, craft, or buy quickhacks to equip. 

Additional Quickhacks

Quickhacks that you find or purchase can be used for different purposes. Some of them are used specifically for combat, while others are to be more sneaky. 


Contagion will deal a low amount of damage but will spread up to two targets. Contagion is non-lethal. 

Type: Damage

Cripple Movement

This quickhack will disable the enemy’s ability to move for a shot time. 

Type: Control

Cyberware Malfunction

Just as it sounds, this quickhack will disable any cyberware abilities the enemy may have.

Type: Control


This is a high cost but very powerful quickhack. Cyberpsychosis will make the target attack everyone, including their allies. They will commit suicide when they run out of targets. 

Type: Ultimate

Detonate Grenade

This quickhack will detonate one of the grenades that the target processes. 

Type: Damage

Memory Wipe

Memory Wipe will disengage the enemy from combat.

Type: Stealth


This is a high damage quickhack that overheats the enemy and causes them to take sustained damage. It is less effective against mechanical enemies. 

Type: Damage


This is one of the first quichacks you get and it will reveal enemies and devices on the local network.

Type: Stealth 

Reboot Optics

Reboot Optics will disable the enemy’s vision for a short period of time. 

Type: Stealth 

Request Backup

This will call an enemy to your target. Useful for stealth missions where you need enemies to walk away from a given location.

Type: Control

Short Circuit

Short Circuit will deal medium non-lethal damage to the target and is most useful against mechanical enemies. 

Type: Damage

Sonic Shock

Sonic shock will deafen your enemy, not allowing them to hear player sounds around them. 

Type: Control


Suicide is one of the strongest quickhacks in the game. It will force the enemy to commit suicide. 

Type: Ultimate

Synapse Burnout

Synapse burnout will deal medium non-lethal damage to your target but is less effective against mechanical enemies. 

Type: Damage

System Reset

Another very strong quickhack. System Reset will make the target lose consciousness and not alert nearby enemies. 

Type: Ultimate

Weapon Glitch

This quickhack will jam the enemy’s weapon for some time. 

Type: Control


The whistle quickhack will make the enemy focus and walk towards your position. 

Type: Stealth

As you can see, some of these quickhacks are very powerful. Paired with a strong netrunner build, you can complete the majority of your missions without ever firing a shot. That’s it for our Quickhack guide for Cyberpunk 2077. Remember, there are multiple ways to acquire these quickhacks. You can loot them off of enemies, craft them, or buy them at the various netrunner shops. Happy hacking!