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PUBG Karakin Map Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is launching Season 6 with a brand new map, along with a bunch of other changes and additions to the game. The new map is called Karakin, and it appears to be a small area at only 2 by 2 kilometers and a player cap of 64.

PUBG Karakin Map Guide

The map is a small island with five different towns named Hadiqa Nemo, Al Hayik, Bashara, Bahr Sahir, and Al Habar. There is also a cargo ship docked on the southwest of the island as well. There are numerous building and warehouses scatted throughout the map containing loot.

Sticky bombs will be on this map as well, which is a throwable weapon that can blow holes in buildings to help you infiltrate and destroy campers. There is another new feature known as Black Zone, which will be a barrage of bombs that destroy buildings and transform the landscape.

Some walls are extremely weak on this map, allowing bullets to penetrate some of them as well.

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