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How to Knock Down Survivors as the Killer in the PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover

New world, same rules.

Considering the vast amount of crossover already present in games like Dead by Daylight and PUBG, you’d think crossing them over further would cause a rift in reality or something. Thankfully, the PUBG Dead by Daylight collab hasn’t broken the universe, though it has brought with it a bit of an adjustment period. Here’s how to knock down Survivors as the Killer in the PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover.

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How to Knock Down Survivors as the Killer in the PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover

PUBG’s crossover event with Dead by Daylight runs on the same general rules as Dead by Daylight proper: a team of Survivors works to repair broken generators, while a solo Killer works to stop them from doing that, and then stop them from being alive. However, the precise means by which the Killer does this is slightly different than what you may be used to.

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In PUBG’s Dead by Daylight crossover, there’s only one Killer available, the Deathslinger, since he’s the only one with a gun. The Deathslinger is equipped with three weapons:

  • The Win94
  • The Machete
  • The Sticky Bomb

Like Fish in a Barrel

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Just like in regular Dead by Daylight, the Killer needs to deal damage to a Survivor twice in order to put them in the Knock-Out state, leaving them prone on the ground and rife for sacrifice.

To damage a Survivor with the Win94, you need to aim at a Survivor, then press and hold the attack button. It’ll take a couple of seconds for you to lock onto them, and when you release the button, you’ll fire off a shot. Hitting a Survivor with a shot deals one point of damage.

To use the Machete, just get right up next to a Survivor and press the attack button to swing it at them. If it hits, they’ll take a point of damage. Additionally, if you use the Machete while a Survivor is vaulting over a pallet or window or repairing a Generator, you’ll instantly knock them down into the Knock-Out state.

You can carry up to two Sticky Bombs at once, and stick them on any surface within throwing range. You can then press the button to detonate a Sticky Bomb from anywhere on the map. The only catch is that Sticky Bombs can only deal one point of damage, bringing Survivors from Normal to Damaged. Sticky Bombs can’t be used to knock Survivors down into the Knock-Out state.

How to Find Ammo as the Killer

Both your Win94 and Sticky Bombs have limited ammunition. The Sticky Bomb automatically regenerates one of its charges five seconds after you deploy one. As for the Win94, though, you will need to manually obtain more ammo for it by interacting with the Blue Zone Lockers. Be aware that you can’t get ammo from a Blue Zone Locker if there’s a Survivor in it.

Speaking of which, once a Survivor is in the Knock-Out state, simply pick them up and stick them in a Blue Zone Locker to prep them for sacrifice. This works the same as Dead by Daylight; if they’re in the Locker for two minutes, they’ll be killed. If they were placed in a Locker previously, it only takes one minute, and if they’ve been in a Locker twice, a third time is an instant death.

Those who are more used to the melee-focused nature of Dead by Daylight may have a bit of an adjustment period here, but it’s the same general spirit. Point the implements of death at the Survivors, and do your thing.

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