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How to Win as Survivor in PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover

Let's survive!
Survivor runs toward Escape Door
Image via Krafton/Behaviour Interactive

In an odd yet strangely satisfying turn of events, PUBG has embraced the Halloween 2022 season by inviting players to take part in a crossover with the highly acclaimed survival horror title, Dead by Daylight. Running through Halloween, players can enjoy a new game mode that thrusts multiple players against a single hunting Killer. But, what do Survivors actually need to do in PUBG’s Dead by Daylight crossover in order to succeed and win? We’ll explain so all you have to do is play and win.

How to Win as Survivor in PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover

Escape Successful Screen
Image via Krafton/Behaviour Interactive

For players who are already comfortable with Dead by Daylight, you’ll be happy to know that this PUBG version is nearly exactly the same in most aspects aside from some visual changes. Survivors are tasked with powering up generators across the map in order to restore power to two doors placed somewhere within it, all whilst being tracked and hunted by the vicious Killer.

As a Survivor, things at face value are as simple as locating generators, powering them up, and escaping. You’ll need to power these generators up via a slow progress bar that will get longer as you continue repairing. Though, it becomes more difficult when you have a random quick-time event where you have to click the designated button when your cursor aligns with the on-screen dial.

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As you make progress, the Killer can also damage generators that haven’t been fully repaired, causing you to have to re-repair them until fully operational. Once all generators have been restored, you can open the doors to exit the map. There’s a timer to do so, so it’s imperative to leave as soon as possible as you could get stuck there and lose. By this point in the game, you’ll need to do whatever you can to leave through the doors but it is helpful to lend a hand to other survivors in order to get the entire team out and safe.

It’s important to point out some things that help you in succeeding against evil Killers. Such as, if you’re being pursued by the Killer, you can knock down wooden boards in some areas to block their path to you. You can also heal teammates and find helpful items like smoke grenades from boxes to use for distraction. If a teammate is injured too much, the Killer can actually hide them in red boxes around the map, though you can save them and help heal them up in order to have them rejoin the fray.

My best advice would be to separate from teammates whenever possible and regroup at generators in order to help each other as the generator repairs do happen quicker that way. You should also rescue the other Survivors if possible, as teamwork really makes the dream work in this game mode.

But that’s all there is to know about how to win as a Survivor in the PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover! Be sure to check out some of our other great guides to help you even more!

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