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Project Star Stands and rarities list

Project Star Stands and rarities list

Stands will be your primary power source in Project Star, as is the case in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. A Stand is more or less a manifestation of the soul of the user. There are dozens of stands from the shōnen manga, but only a handful of them will be available at the game’s launch. We’ll be covering all of the Project Star Stands and rarities in this guide.

Below you can find the complete list of all Project Star Stands and rarities. Some are much rarer than others, so if you’re trying to roll for the good ones, may Lady Luck be on your side. 

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Project Star Stands and rarities list

  • The World – 0.2% Chance
  • Prime Star Platinum The World – 0.25% Chance
  • Sun – 1% Chance
  • Star Platinum – 2.5% Chance
  • Anubis – 3% Chance
  • Cream – 3% Chance
  • Death Thirteen – 5% Chance
  • Magicians Red – 5% Chance
  • Horus – 6% Chance
  • The Fool – 7.5% Chance
  • Silver Chariot – 10% Chance
  • Hierophant Green – 10% Chance
  • Hermit Purple – 10% Chance
  • Judgement – 15% Chance
  • Emperor – 20% Chance
  • Tower of Gray – 20% Chance

How to get a Stand in Project Star

To get a Stand in Project Star, you will need to obtain an arrow and use it. Arrows can be found all around the map, and they appear randomly every few minutes. There are a few different types of arrows:

  • Stand Arrow – normal rarity Stands
  • Unusual Stand Arrows – 1.5x chance of rare Stands
  • Gleaming Stand Arrows – 2x chance of rare Stands
  • Cursed Stand Arrows – guaranteed rare Stands

Cursed Stand Arrows are the rarest, and that’s where you can get the best Stands from in the game.

How to delete a Stand in Project Star

To remove or delete a Stand, you have the option of storing it or using Roka:

  • Rokakaka – resets your Stand
  • Mysterious Rokakaka – resets stats
  • Mysterious Meteorite – potentially used to make Requiem Arrows (??)

You can find Roka randomly around the city, the same way you would find Arrows.

Project Star Rokakaka

How to store your stands in Project Star

To store your stands in Project Star, you will need to make your way to the Stand Storage Room. Inside the building, you’ll find Robert Speedwagon and Daniel J. D’arby. Speak with Robert Speedwagon to store your Stands. You can also speak with Daniel J. D’arby in the same building to store your combat styles.

If you have trouble finding Stand Storage, you’ll want to go to the center of the map with the large clearing in the sands. Look toward the building with the blue tophat and head down the alley to its left. You will approach a building that has a red arrow on it, and that’s the Stand Storage Room.

Refer to our Project Star map page for a better look. You can also check out our Project Star page for more related content and guides.

Stand Attributes

Stands in Project Star have a chance to come with attributes. These add potency to each Stand and can enhance different aspects of it. They can also provide you with some bonus stats that will come in handy during battle. Each attribute has a different chance of being applied, and you also have a high chance of getting no attribute at all.

Here is the full list of Stand Attributes:


  • Fast (5% Chance) – 2 Speed
  • Speedy (0.2% Chance) – 3.5 Speed
  • Supersonic (1% Chance) – 10 Speed


  • Healthy (2% Chance) – 15 Health
  • Fit (0.2% Chance) – 2 Speed, 25 Health
  • Hearty (0.5% Chance) – 50 Health


  • Tough (5% Chance) – 15 Defense
  • Durable (2% Chance) – 20 Defense
  • Invincible (0.5% Chance) – 35 Defense


  • Strong (5% Chance) – 1.1x Damage
  • Powerful (2% Chance) – 1.25x Damage


  • Weak (5% Chance) – -1 Speed, -5 Defense, 0.9x Damage
  • Corward (2% Chance) – 5 Speed, -15 Defense, 0.8x Damage
  • Unfortunate (1% Chance) – -30 Defense, 0.5x Damage
  • Tragic (0.1% Chance) – -2 Speed, -20 Health, -50 Health, 0.25x Damage
  • Heroic (0.2% Chance) – 10 Health, 5 Defense, 1.1x Damage
  • Legendary (0.05% Chance) – 15 Health, 15 Defense, 1.2x Damage
  • Godlike (0.005% Chance) – 15 Health, 15 Defense, 1.3x Damage

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