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Project Star Bosses and Item Drops

Learn about the Project Star bosses and world bosses, their locations, and all the item drops you can get from defeating them.
Project Star Bosses, World Bosses, and Item Drops

A game isn’t an RPG without some powerful enemies to defeat and collect items from, and it’s the same for Project Star. The JJBA-inspired Roblox game features a number of World Event Bosses and regular Bosses you can defeat to hone your skills, level up your character, and get some epic rewards. In this post, you can find a complete list of Project Star World Bosses, Bosses, locations, rewards, and item drops.

Project Star world bosses and regular bosses have the chance to drop some high-quality items, such as Wamuu’s Headdress, Wamuu’s Horn, Red Stone of Aja, Tarku’s Helmet, Broken Mirror, and Dio’s Headband. If you are looking to deck out your character with the best Project Star item drops, you can refer to the list below to see who you need to defeat to get them.

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Project Star Bosses and Item Drops

Here is a complete list of Project Star World Bosses, Bosses, and item drops and rewards:

World Bosses

Project Star World Boss - Hol Horse

Hol Horse

  • Location: Spawns at the Oasis.
  • HP: 1,500
  • DEF: 25
  • Respawn Time: 8 Minutes
  • Rewards: 25-50% EXP, 25-100 Cash
  • Drops: Broken Mirror (20% Chance)
  • Moveset:
    • Shoot: Shoots with his stand Emperor that tracks the intended player until hit, dealing five damage.
    • Bottle Throw: Throws a bottle at a player, dealing 10 damage. A second later, Hanged Man comes up behind the hit players and stabs their back, dealing 15 damage.
Project Star World Boss - Wamuu of the Wind

Wamuu of the Wind

  • Location: Spawns at the Gale Ruins.
  • HP: 7,000
  • DEF: 50
  • Rewards: 50-100 EXP, 50-200 Cash
  • Drops: Wamuu’s Headdress (8%), Wamuu’s Horn (4%), Red Stone of Aja (1%)
  • Moveset:
    • Divine Sandstorm: 3 damage per tick
    • Hurricane Thrust: 40 damage dash move
    • Horn Drill: 25 damage slash
    • Twister: 30 damage AoE
    • Wind Mode: Wamuu goes invisible and gets double movement speed
    • Sand Tornadoes (passive): Four massive tornadoes roam the area within 400 studs. If you get near one, it does 15 damage every second and launches you upward.
Project Star World Boss - Tarkus the Dark Knight

Tarkus the Dark Knight

  • Location: Spawns at the Graveyard.
  • HP: 8,000
  • DEF: 75
  • Rewards: 25-100 EXP, 25-200 Cash
  • Drops: Tarkus’ Helmet (15%)
  • Moveset:
    • Slash: 15 damage per hit, breaks most blocks in two hits
    • Sword Slam: 25 damage slam move
    • Tough (passive): Tarkus is unable to be rag-dolled or stunned by any moves


  • Chaka
  • Overgrown Scorpion
  • Cactus Man
  • Ultimate Car
  • Head Brando Gardener
  • CEO of Brando Industries
  • Sir Longbottem
  • Pet Shop
  • Dio
  • Sirius of the Moon


  • Location: Spawns at Chaka’s Lair
  • HP: 250
  • DEF: 0
  • Respawn Time: 5 minutes
  • Rewards: 1-2 EXP, 1-2 Cash
  • Drops: Stand Arrow
  • Moveset
    • Slash: Swings his sword Anubis dealing 5 damage per hit
Project Star Bosses - Dio


  • Location: Dio spawns at Dio’s Lair inside The Mansion
  • HP: 3,000
  • DEF: 50
  • Respawn Time: 10 minutes
  • Rewards: 25-100 EXP, 50-200 Cash
  • Drops: Stand Arrows (15% Chance), Stone Mask (30% Chance), Dio’s Headband (10% Chance)
  • Moveset:
    • Light Punch: 10 Damage
    • Heavy Punch: 20 Damage
    • Donut: Teleports to a random player nearby and punches their torso dealing 45 damage

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