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What is Merit in Project Star

Project Star

Project Star has finally launched and left players with tons of questions. As gamers discover this new experience and dive into the various skill trees, many wonder what Merit in Project Star is. While the answers may not be immediately present, let’s dive into the Project Star character skill tree a bit to figure out what Merit is in the Project Star and what it does. 

What is Merit in Project Star

Merit is one of the five origin attributes in the character tree. The others being Defense, Vitality, Agility, and Experienced Fighters. All of the other attributes provide a small snippet explaining what they do. However, Merit just says, “Increases your Merit.” That’s because, in the current state of the game, Merit doesn’t do anything.

Project Star Merit

That’s right, currently putting stat points into Merit will yield you no boost of any kind. This will, however, change in the next update. 

What will Merit do in the Future?

The developers haven’t given official word on what the merit attribute will do in the future just yet. But the rumors are that it will increase your Stand luck, which means that putting points into Merit will increase the chance of you getting a rarer Stand when you roll for one. 

Another theory is that leveling Merit will give you the ability to use certain higher-level items. Of course, all of this is speculation at the moment, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’ve already spent points into Merit, you will have to wait for the next update. At which point the skill will become viable. The devs could also potentially drop a code that will reset the character stats. At the moment, there is no reported way to reset your character stat points. But we will report back as soon as one is found.

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