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Pet Simulator X – how to get a Rainbow Samurai Dragon

Pet Simulator X – how to get a Rainbow Samurai Dragon

As of the Fantasy World Update in Pet Simulator X, the best pet in the game is the Rainbow Samurai Dragon. There are a couple of ways you can go about getting your hands on one, but at the end of the day, you will need lots of Fantasy Coins! In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to get a Rainbow Samurai Dragon in Pet Simulator X.

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How to get a Rainbow Samurai Dragon in Pet Simulator X

  1. Obtain Golden Samurai Dragons by fusing 12 Golden Pets or opening Golden Samurai Eggs
  2. Make a Rainbow Samurai Dragon out of the Golden Samurai Dragons

To get a Rainbow Samurai Dragon, you will need to combine Golden Samurai Dragons. First, you can acquire Golden Samurai Dragons by purchasing Golden Samurai Eggs for 2,120,000 Fantasy Coins each. Samurai Dragons have a very low drop percentage, so you will want to enable Super Lucky and Ultra Lucky Boosts to increase your odds if possible. You can also fuse 12 Golden Pets into a Golden Samurai Dragon if you have some spare ones in your inventory.

Once you have some Golden Samurai Dragons, you can head to the Mine and visit the Rainbow Pets maker. Combine Golden Samurai Dragons to have a chance for a Rainbow Samurai Dragon. The more you add, the better your chances of getting one. You can see the percentage chances of making one at the top right of the window. You will also need 1,050 Gems to make it. Use at least three for a 47% chance, but we recommend using five for an 88% chance.

Rainbow Samurai Dragon in Pet Simulator X

The Rainbow Samurai Dragon deals 1.68m damage and can come with various random enchantments. To have the most powerful team in the game, you will want to get fifteen of these along with the 15 Pets Equipped Shop item.

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