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Arcade Dog Value in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Must. Get. Arcade. Dog. Now.
Pet Simulator X
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Roblox Pet Simulator X is a Roblox experience where pet owners and collectors can collect unique pets. Each pet you can earn in Roblox Pet Simulator X will be added to your collection which will make others envious. The Arcade Dog is a recently new pet that was added on July 8th, 2023 and it’s every bit as adorable as you think it would be. The Arcade Dog has bright colors, and a cute face you could squeeze, and is becoming popular to own. Here’s everything we know about the value of the Arcade Dog in Pet Simulator X.

How Much is the Arcade Dog in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

You can obtain this pet from the claw machine. If you’re a fan of dogs, you’re going to want to add this puppy to your collection immediately. Since it’s recently released there has been some talk as to how much the Arcade Dog is worth. Is it rare? Is it a unique pet? You’re probably going to be shocked when you hear the value of the Arcade Dog.

If you want to own the Arcade Dog, you’re going to want to save up one million diamonds. There are three other variations of the dog, and they are: The Golden Hardcore Arcade Dog, The Rainbow Hardcore Arcade Dog, and The Dark Matter Hardcore Arcade Dog. The Dark Matter Hardcore Arcade Dog is the most expensive variation of the Arcade Dog. You’ll have to pay 800 million diamonds for it!

How to Get the Arcade Dog in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

In total, there are 9 different versions of the Arcade Dog in Roblox Pet Simulator X. The lowest Arcade Dog you can get is the Normal Arcade Dog. If you want the other variations you’re going to need to save up your diamonds. The Hardcore variations are the ones that will cost you a lot — the highest low-tier pet, will cost you 40 million diamonds. In order to get these pets you need to head for the claw machine to get an arcade egg and spend your diamonds. You can also trade it with a friend or another player who has the Arcade Dog.

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