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How To Get A Titanic Coin In Roblox Pet Simulator X

A one of a kind pet, only some can get!
how to get titanic coin in pet simulator x roblox
Image via Big Games Pets

Roblox Pet Simulator X is all about collecting coins and gems, and how could we forget PETS! Hatching a unique Pet could have other players trading their entire inventory to obtain a Titanic-exclusive pet. However, don’t take these pets lightly; after all, hatching these exclusive eggs will only give you a 0.5% chance of obtaining a Titanic pet. So, here’s how to get the Titanic Coin in Roblox Pet Simulator X.

Roblox Pet Simulator X – How to get a Titanic Coin Pet

Any Pet Sim X player is always on the lookout for new and unique pets. Titanic and Huge pets will always have the Exclusive rarity in the game, you can identify Titanic pets by their crown symbol, and Huge pets will have 3 stars. Currently, there is only one way to get the Titanic Coin pet in Pet Sim X; that is to find a developer and have them give it to you.

titanic coin pet roblox pet simulator x
Image via Big Game Pets

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The Pet Collection is a machine that keeps track of all pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X. Unfortunately, as you can see in the image above, you can not obtain the Titanic Coin Pet by hatching an egg but rather by having a developer give you one. In this way, you can call them Developer Pets; they’re unobtainable.

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