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Pet Simulator X – how to enchant pets

The first content update for Pet Simulator X has arrived, and it adds a brand new Enchanting Circle alongside some extra pets. Enchanting your pets is a great way to make them more powerful with some bonus powers. This guide will walk you through how to enchant your pets in Pet Simulator X, including where to enchant and a list of bonuses you can put on each of them.

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How to Enchant Pets in Pet Simulator X

To enchant your pets in Pet Simulator X, you will need to travel to the Enchanting Circle located in the new Fantasy Zone area. When you arrive at the Enchanting Circle, you can select a pet and pay 10,000 Gems to enchant them with a random bonus. You can also replace any current pet enchantments if you want to roll for a new one. 

List of Enchantments

Here is a list of enchantments you can get in Pet Simulator X:

  • Agility – Pet moves faster
  • Best Friend – Pet will be as strong as your best pet
  • Charm – Pet has a better chances to get a bonus
  • Chest Breaker – Pet deals more damage to Chests
  • Coins – Pet earns more Regular Coins
  • Diamonds – Pet earns more Diamonds
  • Gifts – Presents damaged by this pet yield more rewards
  • Glittering – Pet randomly spawns Diamonds
  • Fantasy Coins – Pet earns more Fantasy Coins
  • Magnet – Pet automatically collects orbs
  • Strength – Pet does more damage
  • Super Teamwork – Pets do much more damage together with this pet
  • Teamwork – Pets do more damage together with this pet
  • Royalty – Pet deals more damage, earns more diamonds, and moves faster
Pet Simulator X Enchantments

Like pets, enchantments are random and have different rarities. You can also get different levels of each enchantment, usually between tier 1 and 5, with tier 5 offering the highest bonuses! The unique enchantments like Royalty cue a different sound to play when you get them. If you want the most powerful pet in the game to put these enchantments on, check out our guide on how to get the Rainbow Dragon Samurai.

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