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How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X

More of 'em to love.
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There’s a very particular gap appeal to having large animals as pets. Getting to give pats and love to a creature half your size, or dare we say, double your size feels like something you shouldn’t get to do, making the notion even more appealing. In real life, that only gets as big as say, a large dog, but in Pet Simulator X, you can get really carried away with it. Here’s how to get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X.

How to Get Titanic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Titanic Pets, as the name probably tipped you off, are the absolute largest Pets in Pet Simulator X. If I were to make an educated guess, I’d say they’re around four or five times or size, but that just means there’s more of them to love. Not only are Titanic Pets naturally stronger than normal-sized Pets, but since they’re so much bigger than you, you can also ride around on top of them. You’re like a hat to them, they don’t mind.

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Of course, gigantic rideable Pets are not something you should expect to get for free. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is no way to obtain Titanic Pets without paying actual money, though the precise way you spend your money will depend on the Titanic Pet you’re going for.

Obtaining Titanic Pets

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Image via BIG Games Pets

The most consistent means of obtaining Titanic Pets is by buying plushies. No, I don’t mean in-game, I mean actual plushies from the BIG Games online store. For instance, if you purchased the Red Balloon Cat plushie, you’d receive a unique code along with it that can be redeemed for a Titanic Red Balloon Cat Pet. Keep in mind that, for this very reason, these plushies tend to sell out very quickly, so if you want one, you’d better warm up your buying fingers and sign up for stock notifications.

The other way you can obtain Titanic Pets is by hatching them from Exclusive Eggs. Exclusive Eggs can be purchased from the in-game Exclusive Shop for 400 Robux a pop, which means once again, real money. Additionally, your odds of actually getting a Titanic Pet from an Exclusive Egg are only around 0.05%, so expect to hatch quite a few. The Titanic Pets available from this method rotate on a regular basis, so if there’s a specific pet you want, you’d better get to opening eggs before it leaves.

Some Titanic Pets have been made available in the past during special events like holidays, such as hatching a Golden Snowman Egg during the Christmas Event. Even then, though, the odds are roughly the same, around 0.05%, so while this method doesn’t cost real money, it’s no more reliable.

The bottom line is that if you want a Titanic Pet in Pet Simulator X, you had better be prepared to shell out a lot of cash for it. Not that all that different from owning a giant dog, actually.

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