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No Man’s Sky – How to Find Crashed Ships

Who ever said no to a fresh pair of wings?
No Man's Sky - How to find crashed ships - Ship on planet.
Image via Hello Games

Figuring out how to find crashed ships in No Man’s Sky can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll be going over every method I know of to find crashed ships in No Man’s Sky – and there are a few of them.

Some of these methods of finding crashed ships are better than others. However, all of them are viable options. If you’re looking for farm crashed ships, though, you’ll want to optimize your time.

How to Find Crashed Ships in No Man’s Sky

How to Find Crashed Ships Using Planetary Charts

Planetary Chart in inventory.
Image via Hello Games

By far the easiest way to find crashed ships in No Man’s Sky is by using Planetary Charts. You can purchase them from the Cartographer on any Space Station.

While you can purchase random Charts for a handful of Nanites a piece, using Navigation Data, instead, means you get to pick which kind of chart you want.

You’ll be wanting the Distress Signal Charts to find crashed ships. Using one of these doesn’t guarantee a crashed ship – but it will result in one more often than not.

If you have Navigation Data to burn, this is by far the most effective way to farm crashed ships.

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How to Find Crashed Ships Using the Nautilon

No Man's Sky - How to find crashed ships - Dreams of the Deep in quest log.
Image via Hello Games

If you happen to be far enough into your journey to the center of the universe to have access to Exocraft, then you should be using the Nautilon to hunt crashed ships in No Man’s Sky. You’ll need to complete the Dreams of the Deep to get it, though.

This aquatic Exocraft has the ability to scan underwater without using up any resources – and it’ll highlight a crashed ship if it manages to find one. If it doesn’t, hop back into your ship and relocate to try again.

Needless to say, this works best on planets covered in water. So, if you come across one of those during your travels, you might want to stop for a second to see what you can find.

Other Methods

Warrior Vykeen.
Image via Hello Games

Beyond using Planetary Charts and the Nautilon, you do have a few options when it comes to hunting down crashed ships.

First, and foremost, are Transmission Towers. These are the massive towers you come across every now and again with a platform on top of the. If you solve the puzzle inside the tower, it’ll ping any nearby crashed ships or freighters.

The only issue is that finding these things isn’t too reliable. They’re large, so you can fly low over a planet and still spot them if you do want to go that route.

The Minotaur is also an Exocraft option that, like the Nautilon, can scan for ships without using up a Planetary Chart.

Lastly, you might get pointed towards a distress signal if you give a gift to a random stranger on a Space Station. If you hand over the correct gift for the race receiving it, there’s a chance of them telling you about the signal. This is expensive and unreliable, though.

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