How to Use Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy – Treasure Guide

A true Harry Potter quest!
How to Use Henrietta's Map in Hogwarts Legacy - Henrietta's Map in inventory.
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The Henrietta’s Map quest in Hogwarts Legacy is one of those adventures that spells out authentic Harry Potter experiences. It involves all of our favorite elements – mystery, combat, and puzzle-solving. It is a treasure puzzle tied to ‘The Hippogriff Marks The Spot’ side quest, and it rewards you with a piece of the Treasure-Seeker set.

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In our article, we’ll be going over where Henrietta’s Map puzzle is located, as well as how to solve it. You’ll need Glacius for this puzzle, as well as either Confringo or Incendio – so make sure you have access to those spells before you jump in.

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How to Use Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

The Hippogriff Marks the Spot

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As we said, Henrietta’s Map is a part of The Hippogriff Marks The Spot side quest. It’s another treasure hunt that rewards you with a part of the Treasure-Seeker cosmetic set. In this case, you’ll be getting the Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves for your trouble.

Henrietta’s Map references a puzzle inside Henrietta’s Hideaway. It is in the far south of the world map, just east of the Clagmar Coast as shown on the map above. There will be enemies on the surface of the Hideaway, so make sure you have your best spell combos ready. Once you take care of them, make your way inside the ruins.

Inside the Dungeon

Once you’re in the dungeon look to your left. You’ll see a big pot in front of a standing statue. Light the pot on fire with incendiary spells and the statue will turn and open revealing a cube.

You’ll notice that you now have two cubes on your hands – one marked with fire and the other with ice. Put each of the cubes in their respective places in front of the big stone wall with Accio. Now use Incendio/Confringo on the fire cube followed by quick Glacius on the ice cube. As soon as you do this, the wall in front of you will turn into a door and open.

Again, you’ll have to deal with some more annoying enemies, but it’s nothing that an experienced wizard like you can’t handle. After you defeat them follow up and turn your attention to the big Hippogriff statue in the middle of the room.

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How to Solve the Henrietta’s Map Puzzle

How to Use Henrietta's Map in Hogwarts Legacy - statue for puzzle.
Image via Avalanche Software

The statue you’re looking at is the same as the one on the map, and just like that one, it also has braziers surrounding it. Some of these will be lit, and some will be put out but what is important you do here is to light up only the ones that are marked on the puzzle hint.

You can use Confringo or Incendio to light the braziers on fire and Glacius to put out the ones that shouldn’t be burning. As you might notice there are eight braziers around the statue and the ones you need to light up, if you’re looking in the face of the statue, are the following ones: the north one, the west one, the east one, and the southeast one (you can always check the original map for clarification).

Once you’ve successfully replicated the pattern, the wall behind the statue will open up to reveal a chest. Grab your loot from the chest and ‘The Hippogriff Marks The Spot’ will complete. You’re now down with Henrietta’s Map and are free to go and explore the other adventures Hogwarts Legacy has in store for you.

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