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How to Get Acasia’s Dejection in Destiny 2

There's a new Trace Rifle in town.
How to Get Acasia's Dejection in Destiny 2 - weapon in inventory.
Image via Bungie

I’ve been advocating the power of Trace Rifles for a while now, so it’s nice to finally be vindicated with Root of Nightmares. Acasia’s Dejection is the new Trace Rifle from that raid – and I’m going to go over how to get it.

I’ll be explaining how to get Acasia’s Dejection in Destiny 2, and what god rolls you should be on the lookout for.

Destiny 2 – How to Get Acacias Dejection

How to Get Acasia's Dejection in Destiny 2 - Root of Nightmares.
Image via Bungie

Acasia’s Dejection drops from the second, third, and final encounter of the Root of Nightmares Raid. It’s not the hardest weapon from that Raid to farm. So, you don’t have to worry too much about grinding it out for hours.

If you were trying to grind for it, either the second or third encounter will be your best bet. Nezarec himself can drop every weapon in the raid. A larger loot pool decreases your chances of getting the drop you want.

Logically, you shouldn’t be grinding for it – though. Every week, you get at least two guaranteed Deepsight weapons from Root of Nightmare, one of which you can choose. You’ll get one for getting the bonus red chest, and you can purchase another at the end of a run with Spoils.

So, in the worst-case scenario, it’ll take you five weeks to get a god roll Acasia’s Dejection. You won’t have to grind for it, though. Just be patient.

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Destiny 2 Acacias Dejection God Roll

How to Get Acasia's Dejection in Destiny 2 - Rewind Rounds.
Image via Bungie
  • Incandescent / Rewind Rounds.
  • Target Lock / Rewind Rounds.
  • Frenzy / Rewind Rounds.

In column three, you’ll always want your Acasia’s Dejection to have Rewind Rounds. This perk returns ammo to your mag when you run out, based on how many hits you got with that mag. Trace Rifles have massive magazines, and they hit a lot in a short space of time – making this the perfect Trace ammo-economy perk.

For your last perk slot, you have three options. Incandescent is going to be the best, in my opinion, purely because of its add-clear potential. You’ll rarely have to reload with this Acasia’s Dejection god roll, meaning Incandescent should be popping regularly.

If you’re not a fan of Solar explosions, Target Lock will be best for boss damage, especially combined with Rewind Round to the point this might not be a bad DPS alternative for when you’re heavy is out of ammo. Lastly, Frenzy is a more well-rounded damage buff, so if you don’t want Incandescent but do want add-clear, take that, instead.

In terms of PvP rolls, there aren’t any that stand out. None of Acasia’s Dejection’s perks are suited to a PvP Trace, at all, so avoid bringing it into the Crucible if you can. If you were determined to run it, Keep Away / High Impact Reserves will be your best bet.

That’s everything we have on the new Acasia’s Dejection Trace Rifle in Destiny 2. This weapon is going to do bits at the high end of the PvE META – so make sure you follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook to not miss out on when that happens.

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