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How to Get Flechette Storm Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

You're going to have to wait until Season of the Deep.
How to Get Flechette Storm Strand Aspect in Destiny 2 - Strand Titan Super.
Image via Bungie

Bungie pulled back the curtain a little bit during a TWAB blog post. In this post, the team teased us about three new Strand Aspects coming to Destiny 2. Flechette Storm is one of these Strand Aspects – the one for Titan, specifically.

I’m going to go over everything we know about Flechette Storm, including how you can get it in Destiny 2 when it’s available.

Destiny 2 – How to Get Flechette Storm Strand Aspect

How to Get Flechette Storm Strand Aspect in Destiny 2 - Blog extract.
Image via Bungie

The Flechette Storm Strand Aspect is the third Strand Aspect for the Titan. Bungie made us aware of its existence on the 9th of March TWAB (this week at Bungie). Along with that, we also found out about the Threaded Specter Aspect for Hunters and The Wanderer Aspect for Warlocks.

It’s unclear what any of these Strand Aspects do at this point – but we do know how to get them, granted we’re going to have to wait a while.

According to the blog post, the Flechette Storm Strand Aspect and the other two will be tied to a Lightfall-exclusive quest that will launch during Season of the Deep, or Season 21. This quest will only be available to Lightfall owners, obviously, and features a short escapade with Osiris as we try to learn more about the Veil through the Ishtar Academy.

Once you complete this quest, you’ll likely get the third Strand Aspect for the class you completed it on. So, you’ll probably have to run through it three times to get access to all the new goodies.

Season 21 will launch somewhere around the 23rd of May, but we don’t know whether or not this quest will be active on the first week of the season. All that we can do is sit around and wait until the Summer.

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What Does Flechette Storm Do in Destiny 2

What Does Flechette Storm do in Destiny 2 - Warlock Strand Super.
Image via Bungie

As it stands, we have no idea what any of the three new Strand Aspects do. However, we can speculate based on their names and what we already know about Strand.

Flechette is a type of needle-like ammunition. In relation to Strand, both Warlocks and Hunters have access to abilities like this, so it’s not unlikely this will be something similar for Titans.

Through some activation clause, it’s possible that this Aspect will let you send out Strand Flechette seekers similar to the Warlock super – albeit an obviously weaker version.

That’s pure speculation on my part, but I don’t think it’s a bad guess.

That’s how to get the Flechette Storm Strand Aspect in Destiny 2. I wish I had something more concrete for you – but we’ve just gotten a tease of this Aspect – nothing more. Once we have some more information to share, make sure you find out about it by following Gamer Journalist on Facebook. When we know more, you will too.

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