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How to Find and Survive Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky

With a name like that, what did you expect?
No Man's Sky - How to find and survive an Abyssal Horror - Press image.
Image via Hello Games

Finding an Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky is one thing. Surviving it is another entirely. Beyond the fact that there are multiple types of Abyssal Horrors in No Man’s Sky, most of them don’t drop loot – so their only job is to kill you. With a name like “Abyssal Horror” that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but it should serve as a warning.

If you’re dedicated to finding and surviving an Abyssal Horror despite that, then you’ve got a bit of exploration to do. We’re going to walk you through how to find all three types of Abyssal Horrors, as well as offer up some tips to ensure you survive your encounter with them.

How to Find Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky

Abyssal Horror Anglerfish

No Man's Sky Angler Fish.
Image via Hello Games

The first type of Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky is the Anglerfish. It’s a stocky enemy that takes a lot of firepower to bring down, and it hits like a truck. Oh, and it doesn’t drop anything so its only purpose in the game is to make your life miserable.

Thankfully, these guys only spawn inside of Alluring Specimens underwater. You can harvest up to five Hadal Cores from each Specimen, with each one you take rolling the dice on whether or not an Abyssal Horror Anglerfish is going to burst from it.

How to Survive an Abyssal Horror Anglerfish in No Man’s Sky

You can try to take these things down by hand – but that’s a bad idea. You’re bound to get hit a few times before you deal enough damage to kill it, and those hits can be enough to knock you on your back.

Instead, you have two options. You can either flee – the Anglerfish won’t follow you out of the water, or you can bring a Nautilon with you and use that to fight it, instead.

Both entering your Nautilon and exiting the water will stop the Abyssal Horror from chasing you, so at that point whether or not you want to fight it is up to you. Just remember, it drops no loot.

Abyssal Horror Jellyfish

No Man's Sky - How to find and survive an Abyssal Horror - Abyssal Jellyfish.
Image via Hello Games

The second type of Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky is Jellyfish. There are two types of Jellyfish in the game – the ones that spawn in the water, and the ones that spawn on Direlect Freighters. The Freighter variants are stronger, but there are no other differences between the two.

A swarm of these things has a chance to spawn when you mine minerals or flora underwater. A group of between two and seven will begin chasing you – exploding if they manage to make contact. They’re easy to dodge, though, and they’ll despawn if you leave the water.

How to Survive an Abyssal Horror Jellyfish in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky’s Abyssal Horror Jellyfish don’t drop loot, so there’s no incentive for killing them. Avoiding them is as easy as turning around and going the other way. They’re not ludicrously fast or aggressive, so surviving an encounter with them shouldn’t present you with too many problems.

Stationary Abyssal Horror

No Man's Sky - How to find and survive an Abyssal Horror.
Image via Hello Games

The last type of Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky is different from the other two. It’s still an aquatic creature, but it’s not a “fish” like the others. It’s stationary, growing out of the ground, and it’s arguably the most dangerous of the three.

You can find these ones on the ocean floor underwater, as well as at Sunken Buildings. They drop a Hypnotic Eye when killed, but it despawns if you don’t pick it up quickly after killing the Horror.

How to Survive Abyssal Horror in No Man’s Sky

This kind of Abyssal Horror is dangerous. It has an eye on top of its body, and that eye will shoot out a beam that sucks you toward the Horror while dealing damage. You’ll need to mash the “E” key on PC to get out of this beam, or “O” on PlayStation and “X” on Xbox.

The easiest way to kill these suckers is to gradually walk up to one – just enough that you’re in range for the eye to open. Then, fire either a Boltcaster or Scatter Blaster into its eye, while backing up out of its range. This is by far the safest way to take one down, just remember to grab the Hypnotic Eye when you’re done.

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