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Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy

You don't want to miss these quests.
Best side quests to do in Hogwarts Legacy - Dragon screenshot.
Image Via Avalanche Software

We’re going over the best side quests to do in Hogwarts Legacy based on quest rewards. The quests we’ll describe here are fun to play, attractive for all fans of the Harry Potter story, and bring a new spell to your arsenal or a unique upgrade. We’ll be diving a little deeper into each quest below, but here’s a glance at the 10 best side quests to do in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Flight Test – Broom Upgrade.
  • The Unique Unicorn – Unicorn for Vivarium.
  • The Man Behind The Moons – Alohomora.
  • In The Shadow Of The Study – Crucio
  • Phoenix Rising – Phoneix for Vivarium
  • In The Shadow Of The Relic – Avada Kedavra
  • In The Shadow Of Time – Imperio
  • Interior Decorating – Alterning Spell for Room of Requirement
  • Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 – Glacius
  • Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 – Diffindo

What Are the Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy?

Flight Test

Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy - Albie Weekes in store.
Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Flight Test kicks off one of the best and most important side quests in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll get this one from Albie Weekes after purchasing your first broom, and it involves you beating a time trial on a course. After every trial, you’ll be able to purchase a new broom upgrade – making it faster and more controllable.

We’ve chosen this quest for our list since it brings to you one of the core authentic experiences of HP’s story – broom riding. Even though the game doesn’t feature Quidditch, flying around on a broom is the next best thing!

The Unique Unicorn

Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy - Unicorn in Vivarium.
Image via Avalanche Software

This side quest comes later in the game and involves you checking up on a Unicorn after it and a witch were attacked by a pack of wolves. You’ll be able to rescue the Unicorn for your Vivarium – giving you access to the powerful Unicorn Hair upgrade material. You’ll be able to get more Unicorns beyond this, too, allowing you to breed them.

If you’re asking yourself whether a unicorn can be mounted in Hogwarts Legacy, the answer is no. Unfortunately, even though you’ll be able to interact in a close fashion with these creatures you aren’t able to ride them through the open world around the Hogwarts castle.

The Man Behind the Moons

Demiguise in house.
Image via Avalanche Software

This is arguably the best side quest to do in Hogwarts Legacy, full stop. You’ll get this quest after learning Alohomora level one from Mr. Moon. The quest is a collectathon that sends you around the world in search of Demiguise Statues. If you collect a certain number of them, you’ll get access to the higher levels of Alohomora, letting you open more locks and giving you access to more locations.

This is a classic Easter Egg hunt that brings a nice final touch to a game with a big open world like Hogwarts Legacy. You can complete this quest even after completing the whole game.

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Phoenix Rising

Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy - Phoenix in Vivarium.
Image via Avalanche Software

Phoenix Rising is another Hogwarts Legacy sidequest for an endgame beast, this time the much-beloved Phoenix. Like the Unique Unicorn, this is a late-game quest that involves you rescuing the associated beast. You’ll gain access to Phoenix Feathers this time around, letting you upgrade your gear even further.

This Dumbledorian quest has surely put us back into the scene when the famous headmaster runs away from Umbridge with the help of Fawkes, by raising his hands and disappearing in an explosion.

In The Shadow of the Study

Character using Crucio.
Image via Avalanche Software

These next three Hogwarts Legacy side quests are all a part of Sebastian Sallow‘s Companion questline. This is the questline that gives you access to the Unforgivable Curses, starting with Crucio. These spells are some of the most powerful in the game, making these quests vital (unless you’re avoiding the Curses).

However, since learning Crucio in this quest is optional, pay special attention to dialogue since you will need to explicitly say to Sebastian that you want to learn this Unforgivable Curse.

In The Shadow Of The Relic

Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy - Avada Kedavra in menu.
Image via Avalanche Software

The Shadow Of The Relic is the penultimate quest in Sebastian’s questline, and it’s the one that teaches you the all-important Avada Kedavra killing curse. The only downside to this quest is that you need to be level 29 to start it. The main quest finishes around level 27, so unless you spend a lot of time exploring early on, you might not see this one until the post-game.

In order to learn Avada Kedavra you need to choose the “Everyone should know that curse” option from the dialogue with Sebastian after he has killed his uncle with this curse.

In The Shadow Of Time

Best Side Quests to Do in Hogwarts Legacy - In The Shadow Of Time
Image via Avalanche Software

Another installment into Sebastian’s questline is called In The Shadow Of Time and it involves learning the Imperio Curse. Imperio will singlehandedly win you boss fights, should you decide to use it – making it an infinitely important spell if you’re struggling with combat.

After you have fed the three skeletons, Sebastian will prompt a conversation with you during which you need to say that you’d like to learn the Imperio curse if you want to have it in your arsenal.

Interior Decorating

Room of requirement.
Image via Avalanche Software

This entry is moreso Interior Decorating and all the associated Room of Requirement sidequests. You could go through the entirety of Hogwarts Legacy without ever using the Room of Requirement, and you would be spoiling the game on yourself if you did. If you haven’t taken care of this one already – do it now.

Interior Decorating will allow you to show off your taste and design skills. Through it, you will be able to change the color, style, and even size of certain items, in addition to decorating walls and floors to your taste. It’s a little corner of Hogwarts Legacy that you can call your own.

Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1

Glacius in spell menu.
Image via Avalanche Software

The last two entries on this list are Assignment quests. The Assignment quests are easily the best side quests to do in Hogwarts Legacy, bar none. Each one rewards you with a different spell – making them the best by default. However, out of the myriad of Assignments, this one stands out because it teaches you Glacius, one of the best combat spells in the game.

You can use Glacius to freeze enemies, items, and water as well as to extinguish fires. This all-round spell is bound to be useful in many situations throughout the game.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2

Professor Sharp's Assignment 2.
Image via Avalanche Software

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 teaches you the best spell to pair with Glacius – Diffindo. Out of all the red damage spells, Diffinido is easily the strongest. Pair it with Galcius, and you’ll be able to one-shot most regular enemies in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re going to do any teacher assignments, make it these two.

This slashing spell is useful for killing enemies, opening doors, breaking items, and solving certain puzzles. Its versatility makes it important and key for solving many quests without too much trouble.

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