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How to Complete Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Quest in Destiny 2

Three weeks down...
How to Complete Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Quest in Destiny 2 - location on map.
Image via Bungie

This week, we’ve got Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison for us all to sink our teeth into. This one isn’t anything too different than the two before it, but that’s not to say it’s not a step up in terms of challenge. You’re going to be playing a lot of this over the next few months, so you ought to know how to complete it.

I’ll be going over how to complete Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison in Destiny 2. It’s comprised of three simple encounters – so don’t worry about having to slog through a Heist Battleground Mars-length mission.

Clear the Taken Blights

How to Complete Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Quest in Destiny 2 - Taken Blight.
Image via Bungie

You’ll start Defiant Battleground: Orbital Prison on the Farm. Open the portal in front of you, and you’ll be in the Ascendant Plane. Continue forward over the floating platforms, killing any Taken as you go.

You’ll eventually end up on a bigger island. If you look in the sky around you, you’ll see a bunch of massive Taken Blights. You’re going to be clearing them.

Once you wipe the Taken off the island, special yellow bars called Taken Sentries will start spawning in. You’ll get an objective marker on your screen when they do.

When you kill them, they’ll drop three orbs. Pick up the orbs, and throw them at the Blights. After that, kill more Taken until the next Sentry spawns, and do the same thing until all the Blights are destroyed. If you miss a shot, a regular red bar will spawn shortly after – killing it will spawn another orb.

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Defend Ghost

Ghost scanning.
Image via Bungie

After you clear all the Taken Blights, continue through the Ascendant Plane and you’ll end up inside a Cabal Ship. Pass through the entrance to the ship to reenter the material plane.

Progress forward a little bit and you’ll come to an open room with an interactable console near the entrance. Have your Ghost scan that computer – then defend it. It’s Destiny 2, you’ve done a defend the Ghost objective countless times by now.

The adds that spawn in here aren’t too bad, but things do kick up a notch once your progress bar hits around 70%, so be prepared for that.

Defeat Bracus Kravaum

How to Complete Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Quest in Destiny 2 - Bracus Kravaum.
Image via Bungie

Once your Ghost is finished, you’ve almost got Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison complete. Continue forward again and you’ll be at the boss fight.

If you’ve been playing Lightfall, then you’ll immediately be terrified at the sight of two Threshers in the room with the boss. You would be right to be scared.

Threshers have a bug that’s existed in Destiny for years. Essentially, the higher your FPS, the more damage the Thresher’s missiles do to you. That’s the reason they’ve been one-shotting you for the past several weeks.

Make taking out the Threshers a priority. Heavy Grenade Launchers are your best friend here, so take advantage of them.

After taking down the Threshers, deal with the boss. Do 1/3rd of his health in damage, and the room will fill up with the same poisonous gas as in the other Defiant Battleground quests.

Ignite the Balefire

Consecrate Taken Essence.
Image via Bungie

Head over to the left-hand side of the arena – opposite the boss. You’ll see a glowing circle on the ground – stand over it and you’ll be able to ignite a Balefire to give you a protective shield.

After lighting the fire, yellow bar enemies with objective markers will start spawning in pairs. Killing these causes them to drop an item. Pick it up and you’ll get a buff that protects you from the gas.

With the buff, go back into the center of the Balefire and interact with it. You’ll deposit the buff and be given another throwable orb. Hit the boss with it, and you’ll take down about a third of his shield.

Do this two more times, then deplete another third of the boss’s health bar. You’ll then head to the right-hand side of the arena to complete the same process.

Once the boss is dead, simply interact with the call at the back of the room and you’ll have completed Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison.

That’s how to complete the Defiant Battleground Orbital Prisonquest in Destiny 2. For more Lightfall quest guides like this, follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook. We’ll keep you clued into all things Destiny.

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