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Where to find Rivercress Stem in New World

Where to find Rivercress Stem in New World

Throughout your journeys in New World‘s Aeturnum, you’ll encounter a variety of strange plants that you can harvest for useful materials. One particular resource is known as Rivercress Stem, and it comes from a magical plant. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Rivercress in New World and what you’ll need to be able to harvest it. You will also need to gather some of these resources to complete the main story quest and obtain your Azoth Staff.

Rivercress Stem’s alchemical properties are especially useful in potion crafting. The Tier II resource falls under the Water Reagents and Protective Reagents (Tier 1 and 2) categories.

Where to find Rivercress Stem in New World

Rivercress Stem comes from the Rivercress plant, which grows alongside most rivers throughout all the territories in New World. Upon harvesting the Rivercress, you will always receive at least one Rivercress Stem.

Below, we have outlined a couple of locations where you can find Rivercress and Rivercress Stem. Keep in mind that you can see this plant near almost any river in the game. Keep your eyes peeled, and you should have no issues finding a few in a short session. The below example is in northern Windsward, near the border of the Everfall territory.

Where to find Rivercress Stem in New World

Also, as with most magical plants, you will need to level your gathering trade skill to level 30. You will also want to have a sickle on hand to be able to harvest it.

Rivercress Stem is a requirement in recipes that require Water Reagents, such as Common Focus Potion, Common Corruption Tincture, Common Corrupted Coating, Ancient Ward Potion, and many more. For other resource guides, check out our posts on where to find Petalcap, how to get Fae Iron, and where to find Silver in New World.

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