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Where to find Petalcap in New World

New World has dozens of different harvestable plant materials that you can use in crafting recipes. As with most trade skills in MMORPGs, you’ll need to level your gathering skill to be able to harvest the more advanced stuff. One of the plant species you’ll come across is the Petalcap. It is actually a requirement in the main story quest chain to obtain the Azoth Staff. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Petalcap in New World.

Petalcap is a Tier II resource that falls into the Earth Reagents and Protective Reagents categories.

Where to find Petalcap in New World

Petalcap is derived from the Fronded Petalcap fungus in New World, a green succulent-looking plant fungus around Windsward. You can find Fronded Petalcap in a few different regions in New World, but it is most readily available in the northern area of Windsward. The location you’ll want to check is between the Everfall and Windsward border, near the river.

We have outlined an example location in the image below. You can check it out to harvest a few Petalcap on your own. If you are having trouble locating Petalcap in New World, you’ll want to make sure to check the dark green foresty areas. Remember, you’ll need to level up your harvesting trade skill to level 30. And you’ll also want to have a sickle on your character to pick it.

Petalcap can be used in any New World recipe that requires Earth Reagents like Strong Health Potion, Endurance Potion, Beast Ward Potion, Nature Absorption Potion, Powerful Focus Potions, and many more. You can visit the Arcane Repository station in any major town to browse through all the available recipes. That includes both learned and unlearned recipes.

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