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Where to Find Gold in New World

Where to Find Gold in New World

Jewelcrafting in New World is an essential profession for making high-quality rings and amulets. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of metal ore—namely Silver and Gold Ore, a primary ingredient in creating settings and bands for those shiny gems. While Iron and Silver are fairly abundant in New World, Gold is another story. But if you know where to look, you can stock up enough Gold Ore for a while. Here’s where to find Gold in New World.

You can also check out our guides on where to find Silver and Iron. Both articles contain example locations near starting areas, so you can reference those if you have trouble finding nodes.

Where to Find Gold in New World

Gold Ore is mined from Gold Veins in New World, which can be found in the following locations:

  • First Light: Elder’s Bluff
  • Monarch’s Bluff: Devil’s Quarry, Divine Rise
  • Windsward: Perilbrook, Eldergate
  • Everfall: Faith’s Bounty
  • Brightwood: Bronzegrove

Gold Veins are scattered all throughout Aeternum, primarily in mountainous areas or inside caves. They are a bit difficult to notice when inside caves because they don’t have the usual shine that a Silver or Iron Vein might have. We’ve outlined some locations in each of the four starting areas. We also included Brightwood since you may need Gold to craft jewelry at the outfitting station by the time you get there.

First Light Gold Locations

Elder’s Bluff at First Light, which may be a starting location for some readers out there, is the perfect place for Gold Veins. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have enough mining skills to get the ore when you come across them. Regardless, you can find a few Gold Veins in this location.

Where to Find Gold in New World | First Light

Monarch’s Bluff Gold Locations

There are some more Gold Veins in Monarch’s Bluffs at the Devil’s Quarry and Divine Rise. Check inside the rock quarry, and take note that the nodes might be hard to find in there. Similarly, the cave over at Devil’s Rise contains another Gold Vein you can tap a few times.

Where to Find Gold in New World | Monarch's Bluff

Windsward Gold Locations

If you find yourself in Windsward, head down to Perilbrook and Eldergate. The bear cave in Eldergate is a good spot for Gold Veins from time to time. Unfortunately, there’s a Faction quest down there, so it may be a bit crowded with folks. You may be better off near the shipwreck over in Perilbrook.

Where to Find Gold in New World | Windsward

Everfall Gold Locations

Everfall is pretty scarce with the Gold Veins, but if you do find yourself here, check out Faith’s Bounty. Particularly, pay attention to the rocky regions surrounding the area. If you have to head over there for a quest, pass by the two marked locations on the map below.

Brightwood Gold Locations

Finally, Brightwood is a solid spot for Gold Veins. You can find two inside the Bronzegrove cave, but they are difficult to see considering how dark it is. North of that, you can find a few alongside the rocks running along the river. Brightgrove is a convenient place to store your gold if you have a Tier 3 Smelter and Outfitting Station over there. You will likely be leveling your Jewelcrafting around this time.

What is Gold used for in New World?

Gold Ore can be smelted into Gold Ingots at a Tier 3 Smelter. Gold Ingots are considered a Tier 3 Precious Metal. You can use Gold Ingots in recipes at the Outfitting Station Tier 3, such as Rings and Amulets.

What is Gold used for in New World?

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