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How to Quick Stop in NBA 2K21

How to quick stop in NBA 2K21

The Quick Stop dribble move (or the “Peekaboo”) is one of the most effective moves to get off a quick and easy 3-point shot in NBA 2K21. While it is slightly different in terms of mechanics for 2K21, the quick stop is undoubtedly one of the deadliest (and most necessary) moves in the game. There are two ways to do it, both of which we will discuss in more detail below. Here’s our guide on how to quick stop in NBA 2K21.

We all get caught in those awkward (and annoying) situations where our player eases into a stop rather than stopping immediately on the spot. This can present a plethora of issues, not the least of which includes you allowing the defense to catch up and block your shot. This is why it’s so vital that you learn how to master the quick stop in NBA 2K21

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How to quick stop in NBA 2K21

There are two methods you can use to quick stop in NBA 2K21:

Method 1: L2/LT

The first way to pull off this move is to press the L2 button before you shoot the ball. Doing this will stop your movement immediately and allow you to shoot the ball at a much quicker rate. 

For this move to be effective, timing is going to be key as you’re going to have to hit L2/LT just before you shoot so that your player doesn’t fade into the shot (allowing more time for the defense to get into position).  

Method 2: Let go of all controls 

Another way to accomplish the quick stop is by simply letting of all controls on your new controller. Doing this will stop your player in motion and allow you to get the ball off for a clean look. 

With this move, it’s generally advised to hit the speed boost at the top of the 3-point line (or wherever you’d like to shoot from) and release all of the buttons at once when you want to shoot. It will likely feel far less natural and inconsistent, so we recommend you press L2/LT to quick stop more efficiently. 

Regardless of which method you prefer, you’ll be able to dominate on the court in no time with this move in your back pocket.

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