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NBA 2K21 Locker Codes – free tokens and packs (June 2021)

NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

NBA 2K21 Locker Codes are a great way to earn free Tokens, Packs, and other exclusive in-game items and freebies. New codes release all the time, and they expire quickly, so you may want to bookmark this page and check back often for new updates. We keep our list updated with current locker codes at all times.

To redeem the NBA 2K21 Locker Codes, you can simply go to MyTeam from the main menu. Scroll over to Extras and click on Locker Codes. You can then enter any of the codes found below into the field. After entering the code, a mini-game such as Drop The Ball will start. The game determines your reward, which is random depending on the code you’re using.

NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

Here are the latest NBA 2K21 locker codes:

MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball PackNever
KD-MYTEAM-SIG-CHALLENGEFree Agent Kevin DurantJuly 16
S8-GAME-OF-RINGS-DAME-NURKICDark Matter Jusuf NurkicJune 21
MOMENTS-PD-JACKSON-XFACTORPink Diamon Reggie JacksonExpired
MYTEAM-GLADIATOR-PACKS-2X84RDiamon Consumables PackExpired
TRIALS-OF-CHAMPIONS-STARTS-NOWDiamond Consumables PackExpired
S7-FULL-THROTTLE-SUPER-PACKSOut of Position 2 PackExpired
PG-LEBRON-AND-GIANNIS-OOP2Out of Position 2 PackExpired
T-MAC-13-IN-33Free Agent Tracy McGradyExpired
MYTEAM-POINT-GUARD-ZIONPink Diamond Zion WilliamsonExpired
DIAMOND-KENNY-WALKER-7-KNICKSFree Diamond Kenny WalkerExpired
FLASH-9-DARK-MATTER-PG13Flash 9 PackExpired
GO-JAMES-DONALDSON-MAVS40Galaxy Opal James DonaldsonExpired
WESTBROOK-182-TRIPLE-DOUBLESEvolution Ruby Russell WestbrookExpired
S7-READY-SET-GODiamon ContractExpired
FAN-FAVORITES-LEBRON-23LC9Fan Favorite PackExpired
COUNTLESS-COMMUNITY-CODESTokens, Diamond ConsumablesExpired
QAMM8-AWMJW-2L4CFFlash 8 PackExpired
S6-FINAL-2KTV-CODEIdols Series 2 PackExpired
9NFRK-DUEQQ-TT2EZThrowback MomentsExpired
WADE-SIGNATURE-FLASHFree Agent Dwyane WadeExpired
5F2Z4-J9RRP-VZPQ4Pantheon All-Stars PackExpired
DOMINUS-VS-REDCITYWarped Reality PackExpired
2K21-CLIPS-SUNS-9HY3ZChris Paul My Career JerseyExpired
NETS-MAVS-KNICKS-SUNSWarped Reality PackExpired
SHAQ-ON-2KTV-S7E16Warped Reality PackExpired
SHAQ-LEBRON-WADE-TMAC-JRDiamond Lebron, Amethyst ShaqExpired
DARK-MATTER-STEPH-CURRY-9AB5YTokens, Warped Reality PackExpired
23-8-24-1-21Amethyst Michael JordanExpired
PG-SG-SF-PF-CDiamond ContractExpired
DUNK-BLOCK-THREE-PASS-STEALSlasher or Defender pack, Glass CleanerExpired
6L4E9-RENCV-YLKRNAll-Star Pantheon PackExpired
GJWXT-ESXKU-S4QJXAll-Star Pantheon PackExpired
SCARY-TERRY-MYTEAMGold Terry RozierExpired
AEBEP-W25V3-VU7W325, 10, or 5 TokensExpired
KZM994-PNK997-RDC988Pink Diamond Magic Johnson or Kevin DurantExpired
S5-SUPER-PACKS-FLASHFlash PacksExpired
DARK-MATTER-MJ-AND-ZIONPantheon All-Star Pack, Badge Pack, or 3 TokensExpired
JORDAN-LAST-SHOTEmerald JordanExpired

These are all the active NBA 2K21 Locker Codes codes for now, but we update this section multiple times per day whenever new codes are available. 

How to Redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes for MyTeam

To redeem a MyTeam Locker Code, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the MyTeam menu inside NBA 2K21.
  2. Scroll to the Extra tab and select the Locker Codes option.
  3. Enter any of the codes above into the field, exactly as shown.

A mini-game will then popup, which will determine your reward. Where your ball goes determines the reward, but it is relatively random, so there’s not much strategy involved.

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