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Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List

Dark or Light, that's quite some characters.
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Oh yes, mobile idle RPGs surely puts a smile in my face. And who would have known! Mobile Legends: Adventure is one of them, and today we will talk about it. There are quite a lot of different heroes in the game that will passively combat enemies while you are away, however, you will only get to pick 5 heroes to fill 5 slots. So, you better pick the best heroes of the game. How are you supposed to know which ones are the best? Well, here is your lucky day, here is the Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List

Each hero in the game belong to a certain faction that will define its characteristics and function in-game. There are seven different factions in the game, and being able to combine heroes of one or several factions will provide certain boosts and buffs as well. So take that into account. Here are the seven factions, and then be sure to check out the Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list.

  • Light: great at delivering team buffs and support. Decent damage bursts.
  • Dark: excellent at crowd-control. Able to reflect enemy damage.
  • Elemental: great utilities during battles, these heroes vary and gather their powers from ice, fire, earth, and other elements.
  • Tech: ability to create massive mecha-builds. Just like the Light faction, can provide buffs to the party.
  • Martial: great physical damage output. Just like the Dark faction, great crowd-control abilities.
  • Order: very similar to Light faction: exceptional bursts of damage and provides team buffs.
  • Chaos: unique crowd-control abilities, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Light Heroes

SOdette, Gatotkaca, Mecha Layla
AKagura, Uranus, Kimmy, Guinevere, Silvanna
BMinsitthar, Fanny, Chang’e, Gusion
CRafaela, Freya, Kaja, Tigreal

Mobile Legends: Adventure Dark Heroes

SArgus, Pharsa, Vexana
ASelena, Alice, Thamuz, Helcurt
BMoskov, Hanzo, Aldous, Karina
CBalmond, Bane, Granger

Mobile Legends: Adventure Elemental Heroes

SHarley, Belerick, Nimbus Eudora
AHylos, Estes, Aurora
BEsmeralda, Valir, Gord
CKadita, Grock, Badang, Cyclops, Miya, Eudora

Mobile Legends: Adventure Tech Heroes

SAtlas, Angela, Mecha Layla
AClaude, Karrie, Natan, Lolita, Jawhead
BLesley, Saber, X.Borg, Alpha
CDiggie, Bruno, Layla

Mobile Legends: Adventure Martial Heroes

SNimbus Eudora, Irithel
AAkai, Clint, Hanabi, Miracle, Clara, Nana, Yi Sun-Shin, Hayabusa
BLapu-Lapu, Zilong, Masha, Lancelot, Wanwan
CAlucard, Franco, Hilda

Mobile Legends: Adventure Order Heroes

SLunox, Oberon
AAkashic, Amaterasu
BHwang Jini, Tia, Xeno
CGavana, Karihmet

Mobile Legends: Adventure Chaos Heroes

SShah Torre, Shar
BApostae, Martis, Rista
CZhask, Yu Zhong

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Pick the best characters from the above factions available to create great synergy and allow them to collect resources and win battles while you are away working or even writing video game guides. You see, idle games help us all to become better human beings in general. Hope you get to collect the best heroes of the bunch.

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