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Top 15 Best 2 Player Tycoons To Play With Friends in Roblox

Want great tycoons to play with friends on Roblox? Here they are.
2 player tycoon experience list in roblox
Screenshot by GJ / Roblox

Roblox tycoon games are massively popular among the Roblox community, but they are very isolated experiences. It is very satisfying building up an empire, a bank, or a mansion, but without anyone to share the experience, the process, and the end result with, is it really worth it?

2 player tycoons will have you and a friend building something great together, making the experience much more memorable. If you have ever wanted to play a tycoon with a friend, but could hardly find any multiplayer experiences, then look no further than this list of great two-player Roblox tycoons.

Top 15 Best 2 Player Tycoons To Play With Friends in Roblox

Wizard Tycoon – 2 Player

Wizard tycoon thumbnail
Image via @TheFermiParadox

Wizard tycoon – 2 Player is a classic two-player tycoon where players can develop their potion brewery together. With spells, potions, staffs, and other such wizardry and sorcery, you and your friend will have a fantastical time.

In this tycoon game, someone becomes the owner and someone becomes the worker, separating the construction of each Wizard Fortress. The owner has more authority over the construction, from building new floors to the walls, to the safety protocols, whereas the worker gets to upgrade the majority of the money-making drills and upgrades, as well as unlocking the staff and weapons.

One of the best things about this game is the looks. Too often with tycoons do you get the big, blocky, unsightly, skyscraper boxes that house your tycoons. In this game, the aesthetics, from the construction to the animation, to the actual tycoon itself, is impressive. And that’s not to mention the spells. Players will delight in ripping each other to shreds with the spells that are on offer.

In combat, looks, and functionality, this tycoon outdoes itself.

2 Player Computer Tycoon

2 player computer tycoon thumbnail
screenshot by ksieny

2 Player Computer Tycoon, by Ksieny, is a largely popular game where you don’t simply just build a computer. You can take your operations to the moon, and even to the void of space. Or, simply, you can just build an incredible computer empire with your friend.

Both of you will claim a tycoon each side by side. This tycoon is not as cooperative, as you both have completely separate tycoons, but you will be working within the same vicinity. This will either allow you both to go head-to-head, to see who can complete their tycoon first or will let you both casually play together in an enjoyable experience.

The models of this game are great, too each dropper looking different from the last. In fact, every component of the game looks good, clean, and polished, making for a pleasant and professional feel to the game.

2 Player Millionaire Tycoon

millionaire tycoon thumbnail
Image via 1j

2 Player Millionaire Tycoon, by 1j, is a tycoon that sees you go from rags to riches. if you have ever wanted to ascend to wealth beyond your imagination, then you may want to give this tycoon a try.

This tycoon game is another side-by-side tycoon, where you both can either go head-to-head or advance casually. The models in this tycoon look great, it really makes you feel as though you are dealing with better machinery with each upgrade.

True to its name, the game gives you plenty of opportunities to spend all sorts of money on ridiculously expensive decoration items – just for the sake of it. The game also, helpfully, provides green arrows to items you can now afford – so you don’t have to keep checking around everywhere.

2 Player Evolution Tycoon

2 player evolution tycoon thumbnail
image via code rainbow

2 Player Evolution Tycoon, by Code Rainbow, is another classic tycoon game that sees you and your friend progress through the ages. From fantasy to the present, to the future, explore a whole timeline with incredible speed and see all the universe and humanity has to offer.

This incredibly well-made game really raises the bar when it comes to tycoon games in general. With slick animations, fleshed-out models, and droppers and items, this tycoon brings class to the table. The most incredible thing about the tycoon is being able to evolve the whole thing to another era of development after purchasing all the buttons that era has to offer.

Outside of the tycoon, is a king of the hill style objective for your team to work towards, eliminating other opponents to claim ownership over the center.

2 Player Prison Tycoon

2 player prison tycoon thumbnail
image via 47studios

2 Player Prison Tycoon, by 47Studio, is a game that sees you and a friend raising a prison from the ground up. Ever wanted to be a co-warden of prison and lay down the law? Then this tycoon might be for you.

Interestingly, laying down the law in this tycoon means going around and hunting down prisoners and getting cold, hard cash. The legality of your activities in this tycoon is to be questioned, as your income appears to be from the back of a van filled with money…

You and a friend will be developing garages and prisons side-by-side, and can go on crazy car drives hunting down convicts in this silly and funny tycoon.

2 Player Secret Hideout Tycoon

2 player secret hideout tycoon thumbnail
image via @Mario118118

2 Player Secret Hideout Tycoon, by @Mario118118, is a classic 2-player tycoon that sees you both not only create a secret hideout but travel to the underworld, explore in numerous vehicles and fight the other players.

There is a lot to do in this tycoon, from building a huge complex with vehicles and boats to developing an underworld, you won’t find yourself short of activities. This is a cooperative tycoon, with one player being the fighter and the other player being the builder, with no points for guessing the primary responsibilities of the two roles.

One of the unique aspects of this tycoon, however, is the games room, a room where you and your partner can purchase games to play, like spleef, or snake. Seriously – there are a lot of things to work towards.

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2 Player Military Tycoon

2 player military tycoon thumbnail
Image via @cooljonnyboy

2 Player Military Tycoon, by @CoolJonnyBoy, is a military tycoon where you and your friend will take on different roles to build up the military base of operations for your chosen nation. Will you rise to the top? Or get destroyed by your opponents?

In this tycoon, you will either take the role of an engineer or a builder. The builder is responsible for the construction of infrastructure and the base itself, whereas the engineer tasks themself with the construction of vehicles, weaponry, and all the fun stuff.

This tycoon is unique in that you actually gain money every second, and you don’t upgrade your income through droppers, but simply through buying income upgrades. This allows you to build a proper military base without the monstrosity of a spiraling conveyor system.

2 Player Zombie Defence Tycoon

2 player zombie defence tycoon
image via @Crushens

2 Player Zombie Defence Tycoon, by @Crashens, is a tycoon game where not only are you trying to make money – but also stave off the apocalypse! Do you and your friend have what it takes?

The main attraction of this tycoon is building up a base with your buddy to build up your arsenal and really take it to the zombies that swarm outside. With four different settings to visit, you can really adopt the ‘final duo in a zombie apocalypse’ final stand scenario.

The base you will be building looks relatively good, with colorful neon droppers and strange apocalyptic decorations. With more powerful guns waiting for you, the progression feels sweet.

2 Player Super Mansion Tycoon!

2 player super mansion tycoon thumbnail
Image via Tycoon Hype

2 Player Super Mansion Tycoon!, by Tycoon Hype, is a tycoon that lets you and your friend build a super mansion together. With so much to build – you better get started!

This is a very detailed tycoon where one of you will become the Construction Expeditor, and the other will become the Construction Manager. The Expeditor will handle underground operations, whilst the Manager will handle the overground developments

The construction is detailed, needing foundations and frames before the wall can be put up, and the unsightly conveyor will be hidden underground, as to not impede the glory of your mansion.

2 Player Anime Tycoon

2 player anime tycoon
image via anime tycoon studios

2 Player Anime Tycoon, by Anime Tycoon Studios, is a tycoon game inspired by the anime genre. With secrets on the map to explore and your favorite anime powers, what’s not to love for anime fans?

This tycoon allows you and a fellow anime enthusiast to choose your preferred anime character to build a tycoon under their name. Each character’s tycoon will have unique weapons that relate to the character, to allow you edge over your opponents, and vice versa.

Starting off with four spells allows you to go right into the action. The base itself isn’t especially appealing, but the action more than makes up for it.

2 Player Youtube Tycoon!

2 player youtube tycoon
image via featherfall games

2 Player YouTube Tycoon, by Featherfall games, is a tycoon that lets you and a friend of your choosing build up a YouTube empire together.

YouTube has been a staple of the internet since its introduction. Now you can develop your own tycoon in YouTube’s name, building a glorious red and white monument to your favorite YouTubers.

This brings the tycoon genre back to a basic, which may be very attractive to some players who want to experience a classic tycoon game. It is side-by-side, and players may enjoy the simplicity and the references to YouTubers they know.

2 Player Pizza Factory Tycoon

2 player pizza factory tycoon thumbnail
image via Royal Prime

2 Player Pizza Factory Tycoon, by Royal Prime, is a tycoon that lets you and a friend build up a huge pizzeria, to make and sell pizzas.

In this side-by-side tycoon, players will have fun building up the pizzeria and watching the different pizzas roll along. The developers have hit the theme on the head – with a dominantly red and yellow theme, you will feel as though you are building a real pizzeria.

For more passive players, there are also minimal weapons and devices of destruction, so you can relax with a friend and simply focus on building your establishment.

2 Player Hospital Tycoon

2 player hospital tycoon
image via Tycoon Hype

In 2 Player Hospital Tycoon, another tycoon by Tycoon Hype, you and a friend build a hospital from the ground up. Ironically, you can buy vehicles and weapons and wreak havoc at the same time. Huh.

In this side-by-side tycoon, you both will build one-half of a hospital, hiring workers to make you money instead of using conveyor belts. Ironically, you can gain access to weapons such as snipers and crossbows to cause chaos in the world. Each to their own I guess.

The hospital is detailed and there is a lot to be getting on with. Completionist players will find satisfaction in raising the giant hospital from the ground up.

2 Player House Tycoon

2 player house tycoon thumbnail
Image via @Sugahype

2 Player House Tycoon, by @Sugahype, is a great tycoon where you build a house from the ground up. If a mansion is too big for you, then maybe it’s worth giving this one a try.

Similar to the mansion tycoon, in this game, one player will take the role of the Construction Director, and the other will be the Construction Architect. Players must complete their conveyor system before their side of the house becomes available for construction.

There isn’t really a difference between the roles, they both have conveyors and they both get half of the house to upgrade. The house itself is detailed, with the shell of the house and furnishings being different upgrades to make the process enjoyable.

2 Player Superhero Tycoon

2 player superhero tycoon thumbnail
Image via unify

2 Player Superhero Tycoon, by Unify, is a tycoon where you can choose, with a friend, which superhero to represent in the lobby. From Deadpool to Doctor Strange, a lot of fun is to be had.

This tycoon boasts cool animations, great model designs, and most of all six of your favorite superhero characters to represent. Each tycoon will have unique elements that relate to that superhero, allowing you to have an edge over the other players, but watch out, as they will have unique abilities, too!

One great thing about this tycoon is that money auto collects, so you don’t have to worry about constantly going back to the money collection point. This is a fun side-by-side tycoon for superhero fans to casually or competitively build a tycoon

There you have it, 15 fantastic 2-player tycoons to check out!

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