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Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration

Here's what's new in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration event.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration
Image via Moonton

Most mobile games don’t have especially long shelf lives. That’s the fickle nature of trends, unfortunately; what’s popular today is passé in a week. On the flip side, though, when a mobile game manages to stand the test of time, especially for multiple years on end, that’s most definitely worthy of praise and celebration. Speaking of time and celebrations, here’s what you need to know about Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s 5th Anniversary celebration.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most popular mobile-based MOBA game in the world, and as of October, it will be so for a whopping five years. To celebrate this momentous milestone, Moonton is holding an in-game celebration from September 21st to around October 15th. There’ll be some new content, new cosmetics, and lots of opportunities for rewards and bonuses.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration

Here’s what’s new in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration Event:

  1. A new support hero, Floryn
  2. A new skin for Miya, “Moon Goddess Miya”
  3. A new skin for Alpha
  4. Free avatar borders, emotes and other cosmetics for completing daily tasks

From September 10th to September 21st, players had the opportunity to gather special tickets from logging in and playing the game. From September 22nd to October 15th, you can spend those tickets to unlock Floryn, a brand new support-class hero. 

In that same timeframe, you’ll also be able to unlock a brand new skin for Alpha. This will be the game’s first full-on villain skin, and it’ll even receive a brief digital comic outlining its origins.

The real draw, though, is the Moon Goddess’ Blessing event. From now until October 8th, completing daily tasks will reward you with free avatar borders, emotes, spawn animations, and other nifty cosmetics. The crown jewel of this collection is Miya’s new anniversary skin, “Moon Goddess Miya,” which will be given for free to any player who logs in during the event.

If you’d really like an incentive to play, then log on from October 2nd to October 4th, because during that time, all heroes will be temporarily free to play. Keep an eye out for Lancelot, Odette, Hayabusa, and Kagura, as the fifth anniversary will also feature the launch of Project NEXT, a major design overhaul for all of those characters, among other visual tweaks and balance changes to the game.

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