Best Sex Mods for Friday Night Funkin’

Put that rhythm to a better use.
Friday Night Funkin
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The goal of the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ is for the player to take control of Boyfriend, who needs to win over several opponents to be able to date Girlfriend. In-game, “weeks” are levels that the player must complete, each of which has three songs.

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Top Adult Mods for Friday Night Funkin’

Due to Friday Night Funking being released as an open-source game, there is a thriving modding community that enables the integration of user-generated content. Consequently, the Polymod framework will be used to provide mod support for the entire game. There are all kinds of mods for this game, including the adult ones. Those kinky and spicy mods will be this article’s theme.

FN(A)F Mod Smoked Soul Lewded

Image via PhantomArcade / SmokedSoul35

A lot of players mix the two games, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Friday Night Funkin’. So much so that there is a crossover mode in which characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s are appearing as a part of a rhythm game.

This mod made by SmokedSoul35 called Smoked Soul Lewded is a lewd reskin of an already existing mod. The characters are pretty much lewd, but they are still faithful to their horror origins. Therefore, if you want to get torn apart between scared and aroused (scared?), this is a good mod for you.

FnF Sex Mod

Image via PhantomArcade / FlashyFire06

This is the purest sex mod in the game, simply called FNF Sex Mod. It was made by FlashyFire06 as a group project with four other people. Just make sure you are over 18 years old because things get weird.

This mode is an interesting way to engage players by putting some other activities into their favorite game. By adding the adult flavor, this mode offers a new perspective to the rhythm game formula.

Taki’s Aunt Feelings

Image via PhantomArcade / MartolToons

This mod is a rework/redraw of the already existing mod that includes Sonic the Hedgehog in some very dubious activities. The modder MartolToons just replaced fem Sonic’s sprite with the one of Taki’s aunt. And that’s how we got Taki’s Aunt Feelings.

I gotta admit it is much more pleasant seeing a nice-looking auntie bouncing on a meatpole instead of Sonic doing the same. That’s a definition of an upgrade, for sure. So, thank you, team, for improving the mod.

Friday Night’s Blues

Image via PhantomArcade / BigBlueGF

This is a FNF mod that focuses on the Girlfriend character. The modder behind this mod is BigBlueGF, and this is her first-ever FNF mod after working on the B3 project. In this mode, called Friday Night Blues, Girlfriend gets herself into trouble.

Namely, Girlfriend got too handsy with the gum, and now she’s enduring the consequences. However, instead of being afraid, she discovers she is horny instead. This mod is still available, but no updates will be made because the modder got canceled on Twitter.

FNF Mid-Fight Masses

Image via PhantomArcade / LuciAlv34

This is a compilation mod by LuciAlv34. It consists of several existing mods that were converted into nude sprites by the modder. This mod compilation is called Mid-Fight Masses because of the religious connotations.

This mod is compiled from three main mods in Friday Night Funkin. Those mods are Sarvente, Girlfriend/Mom, and VsEx. The reception for this mode was kind of controversial because most of the users were expressing their confusion about what that mode was supposed to mean.

Un-Sex Mod

Image via PhantomArcade / lennyfaic

You probably stumbled upon the term PG Porn while browsing the depths of the internet. This dubious term presents a very interesting and unique concept. Namely, it presents content that clearly belongs in a pornographic movie but without a glimpse of sex.

The modder lennyfaic did an FNF equivalent of PG Porn with Un-Sex mod. The main point of the mod is taking all the sex mods available and removing the lewd parts. This is the only mod that is doing what I like to call “dressing up the stripper.” Thankfully, the game itself is interesting enough without nudes.

Dearest Double Date

Image via PhantomArcade / JustBruh

This is a good example of a date gone wrong. Dearest Double Date mod was made by JustBruh, and it contains some family-unfriendly activities by Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The same team brought us other lewd mods for this game, like Vs. Auditor: Gateway To Hell.

The story goes like this: Boyfriend and Girlfriend are taking a break in GF’s bedroom on a beautiful Friday night. Regretfully, the entire family knows everything… Is Boyfriend really aware of the risks involved? What follows next is some wholesome family fun, where the Boyfriend is shared like a loaf of bread all around the house.

This was our pick of the best sex and adult mods for Friday Night Funkin’. For more related articles, check out our How to Download FNF Doki Doki Takeover Plus Mod or Top 11 UNDERTALE-Inspired Fan Games.

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