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Is PUBG Mobile Compatible with Controllers?

Is PUBG Mobile Compatible with Controllers?
Image via PUBG/Tencent

Every time I try to play a shooter with a controller, I get weird looks from people. I know, I know, mouse is better, I agree that it’s better. But it’s also just nice to be able to play a game without hunching over my desk, y’know? The same goes for playing certain mobile games; I’d rather use a controller than risk fat-fingering a touch screen. But not all games are controller compatible. For example, is PUBG Mobile compatible with controllers?

The PC version of PUBG is controller-compatible, presumably because it’s got a more robust framework to utilize, not to mention Steam support. The mobile version, on the other hand, does not currently possess any native controller compatibility. Even if you did connect a Bluetooth controller to your smartphone, the game would only recognize stick inputs; the buttons wouldn’t do anything. Sorry, folks, it’s touch screen or nothing.

Is PUBG Mobile Compatible with Controllers?

Technically, there are a couple of ways to circumnavigate this limitation, though they both present their own problems. The first way would be to emulate an Android OS on a PC and run the game through that. Indeed, if played in that matter, PUBG Mobile could have a keyboard or controller mapped to its functions, albeit with the aid of an external program. The problem with that is that the game’s matchmaking servers can recognize players from emulated systems, and sort them into separate matchmaking queues. So you can play the game like that, but everyone else will be playing it the same way, which kinda defeats the purpose. You may as well just play the PC version at that point.

The second method would be to hard-wire your phone to a controller with a USB cable and an OTG adapter. The problem with this method is that it takes a lot of detail work and tinkering, both in your phone’s software and hardware, and borders on straight-up hacking, which is a great way to get your phone’s warranty voided if not break it outright. 

So, for the moment, there’s no quick and easy way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. Them’s the breaks; you can always try a PC or console version if you don’t mind paying for them.

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