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How to Dominate in Call of Duty’s New 200-Player Warzone Matches

200-player warzone guide
Image via Activision

Warzone Season 4 is here! With it, comes a massive change to the way games are played. For the first time ever, Warzone is putting 200 players in one lobby, up from 150 in the BR’s standard version. This change will force you and your teammates to adapt your playing style in order to come out on top. That’s why we’ve created a 200-player Warzone guide to help your squad take its gameplay to the next level.

Landing Spot Selection is More Important Than Ever

The spot you land has been an important part of every game in the BR genre. However, it’s never mattered quite as much as it does now. 200 players in one lobby means there will be more competition for early access to weapons and gear across the entire map. You and your teammates can use this chaos to your advantage.

We recommend choosing a landing spot based on your style of gameplay. If you’re looking to get into the action right away, then Superstore is an excellent choice. It’s a high risk, high reward landing spot that’s centralized location makes for an easy rotation to just about any zone.

If your squad wants to take it slow, consider going somewhere out of the way like Farmland. Your choice here will set the tone for your entire game, so think carefully about how you want to play before deciding.

Know When to Retreat

With 200 players in one lobby, gun fights will get messy quickly. When they do, you have to be able to recognize and respond to it quickly. For best results, we recommend being mindful of potential retreat strategies before gun fights even start.

As you’re thinking through your strategy while looting, pathways to retreat should be a key part of that process. Doing this will keep you and your teammates alive longer, increasing your chances of coming out on top.

Prioritize Completing Scavenger Contracts

Warzone players will face much stiffer competition for rare loot during Season 4. One way to get around this is by skipping hot drop zones in favor of pursuing scavenger contracts. You can begin working on these while everyone else is fighting and dying over contested loot spots. 

If you begin right away, you’ll have a great chance at earning rare loot that can make the difference between your squad coming out on top or getting eliminated in the late game.

Practice Gulag Fights

Even the best players will die more often in Warzone’s 200-player lobbies. That means you’re going to have to win your share of Gulag fights to keep your hopes of coming out on top alive. To increase your chances, spend a little time practicing with a friend in a 1v1 lobby. Working on your strategies, aim, and reaction speed can make it much easier to come out on top the next time you enter the Gulag.

Embrace the Chaos

Winning in this version of Warzone will be more challenging than any other version of the game. That’s what makes it interesting. So embrace the chaos, have fun, and dominate the competition with the tips featured in this 200-player Warzone guide.

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