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Pinocchio is way more religious than me.
Pray Statue in Lies of P
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In Lies of P, Pinocchio’s identity is often in question. With the original tale of Pinocchio focussed around this wooden puppet’s desire to become a real boy, Lies of P faces these same questions too, but the answer is placed in your hands instead of the narratives. Throughout your adventure, you will be asked important questions where the appropriate answer would be to always tell the truth. But in the case of being a puppet who is capable of lying, seeing this curious path out to ends is an enticing one. This is Vincent’s guide on how to use the Pray Statue with the Pray Gesture you can acquire in Lies of P.

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How to Unlock the Pray Gesture in Lies of P?

The Pray Gesture is just one of the many Gestures you can unlock in the game by completing specific tasks. They can be directly related to a specific enemy, event, dialogue line, or NPC Request completion. To start, you need to complete Sister Cecile’s Request for the Archbishop’s Holy Mark in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. All you need to do is go up the stairs from the elevator where the Elite enemy/ Mini-Boss of the area patrols. Head to the study at the end of this route and open the safe to obtain the Holy Mark. Return this to Cecile and then defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. When you return to Cecile, she will be gone, and you will get her Written Confession Letter, Divine Service Record, and Pray Gesture.

All of the screenshots below are taken after completing Cecile’s Request and defeating the Archbishop. Keep this in mind when you complete these steps, as you will see all relevant items for the first time by following this guide to obtain the Pray Gesture.

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Completing Sister Cecile’s Request

Cecile Location in Lies of P
Sister Cecile’s Location – Screenshot via Gamer Journalist

Firstly, head to St. Frangelico Cathedral via Path of Misery. You will need to complete the Chapel area first, which is filled with annoying light platforming that can often lead to a dramatic pummel to the Acid pool at the bottom. Be sure to interact with the lever at the top so you can get a simple shortcut back to the lever instead of having to climb up again and again. To progress, you need to defeat the Green Shielded Boss so that the door in this room unlocks. This will take you directly to the next area of the Library via the elevator, where you will find Sister Cecile. Talk to her to start her Quest and head upstairs where an Elite enemy will be, alongside lower-leveled zombies.

Archbishop Holy Mark Location Lies of P
Screenshot via Gamer Journalist

Head up the spiral staircase, ignoring the elevator on the left. Follow this path all the way across, into the next room overlooking the elevator, and head on into the Study Room (two winged female statues stand outside the door). Do not turn left as you will enter the wrong area (although needed to unlock the shutter gate for access into the Archbishop Arena). In the Study, another zombie enemy awaits, which you will need to kill. Once done, unlock the Safe in the room and return to Cecile.

Chains to Access Archbishop Arena in Lies of P
Screenshot via Gamer Journalist

You can interact with the chains located directly in front of the shutter gate at this point by pushing the bowl of fire located in the area on the left just before the Study Room. Once you have killed the Archbishop after opening the gate, go to Cecile again, but this time, she will be gone, leaving the Divine Service Record, Confession, and Pray Gesture for you to pick up.

Where to Find and Use Pray Statue

The Pray Statue can be found along the linear route of Path of Misery. It is found in between this Stargazer and the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer. As it is located directly in between the two, players can either opt to backtrack from the Chapel Stargazer or head through the Path of Misery to farm some Ergo along the way, as these zombie-like enemies are quite easy to kill. You need to find the Woman Statue, which should be the first you interacted with on the Path of Misery. As you can see from the Altar’s message, you are invited to Pray at the feet of the Statue.

Pray Gesture on Statue in Lies of P
Screenshot via Gamer Journalist

All you need to do from here now that you have the Pray Gesture unlocked is to go into your Bag and scroll to the last Tab, which shows all of the Gestures you have unlocked. From here, select ‘Pray‘ and then ‘Use.’ The Pray Gesture animation will initiate where immediately after its use, you will receive a message stating that the ‘Ergo is whispering.’ This method can be used alongside collecting Records, correctly answering Riddles, and lying to NPCs when they ask you sentimental/serious questions. These are all important to gaining humanity for Pinocchio.

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