How to Get ‘Feel’ Record in Lies of P?

Earn yourself some humanity.
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In Lies of P, there’s more for a puppet such as yourself to do besides brutally dismembering other puppets. There are side adventures for you to go on, where you meet citizens of Krat who need Pinocchio’s help. Aiding these characters will provide players with much-needed materials, weapons, and even vinyl records. The developers decided to add a little twist to the music you can find in the game, making it all the more important to collect. So let’s repair a stargazer and figure out how to get ‘Feel’ record in Lies of P.

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When players first reach Hotel Krat, the base of operations in the game, you might notice a gramophone in the lobby. This is where you can listen to any records that you find throughout the game, but they provide more than just a nice ambiance. When you fully listen to records Pinocchio gains more humanity, a very intrinsic feature in Lies of P. And in order to get the ‘Feel’ record, you need to help the Weeping Woman on Elysion Boulevard.

Where to Find Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P?

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The Weeping Woman is one of the very first side NPCs you’ll find in the game, and she is desperately looking for her lost baby. She lets you know that the child is at City Hall, and this will start the ‘Find my Baby’ quest. As you make your way to the center of City Hall, you’ll find a large beefy puppet in a corner right before the main boss of this area. Behind it is an item you can pick up, which is the Broken Baby Puppet. And upon investigating it, belonged to a child, that is no longer here.

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Teleport back to the ‘Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard’ Stargazer, head on over to the Weeping Woman, and talk to her again. Give her the puppet, and she’ll ask you if her ‘baby’ looks cute. Lie to her and say the baby looks cute, and you will receive the ‘Feel’ record, along with an Ergo fragment and some humanity.

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