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How to Survive Kurosawa House in Demonologist – Map Guide

How dare they make cherry blossoms scary
Image via Clock Wizard Games

In 2023, Horror Games tend to hit the online spotlight if it includes a particular setting for players. This is the aesthetic and culture of Japan. From Cherry Blossom trees to their horrifying folklore, Horror Games just love dipping into the Japanese culture to provide us with some real scares and Demonologist has become another name added to the book. For v0.4.0 Clock Wizard Games provide players with a new Map to investigate titled, Kurosawa House. This House feels like a Chilla’s Art Game made using the Unreal Engine. Its silence is uneasy and threatening as you feel like anything could appear around any corner. Better learn its layout before you enter as it could be difficult to navigate through in a panic should a Hunt occur within its walls. This is Vincent’s guide on how to survive and beat Kurosawa House in Demonologist.

Kurosawa House Map Overview

Unlike other Maps in Demonologist, Kurosawa House feels very small. This is not by its literal size compared to Abandoned House or Cyclone St but its layout, being filled with corridors and shoji that can make a player feel lost very quickly. It is one that requires you to get your bearings fast as the Entities inside strike hard and fast should you wander too far into its centre. The House is divided into 2 floors, but seeing as the top floor is really just an altar, you will spend the majority of your Ghost Hunting on the ground floor of Kurosawa House. If you want guides on how to beat the other Demonologist Maps: Abandoned House, Cyclone St and Hospital, we have you covered.

What Tools to Take

Whilst you have the option to turn on the lights in the majority of the rooms within Kurosawa House, it is best to take a Flashlight with you for this Map. Whilst this is an essential piece of kit for any Ghost Hunter, the Flashlight can help you navigate in the darkest corners, especially in the garden area of the Map. We highly recommend that players bring the Crucifix in with them for this Map, regardless of if you are playing solo or with a group. At this point you should be well versed with playing Demonologist that you have a favorite loadout to use in the game already, however, in Kurosawa House, we recommend bringing in your standard evidence gathering tools alongside something to aggravate the Entity. In this case, we recommend the Voodoo Doll. Whilst this tool can result in a Hunt, the Crucifix will save you.

Your first playthrough of Kurosawa House can be a longer one than usual due to learning the layout of the Map. If you are having a harder time completing the Optional Objectives after identifying the Entity, we recommend that you use the Crucifix and bring Sanity Pills with you so that you can survive inside the House for longer. The main equipment you will need with you are the Flashlight, EMF Reader, ESG Device, Ecto Glass, Spirit Box and Easel Canvas.

How to Beat Kurosawa House

For your first playthrough in Kurosawa House, we recommend doing a sweep of its interior layout so that in case a Hunt ensues you can successfully evade for long enough so that the Entity does not catch you. For the sweep, bring with you your Crucifix so that you are not killed during your run through. After you have learnt the Map layout, you will need to bring in the Spirit Box to begin gaining evidence. This can be used throughout your playthrough but you should use it at the beginning within each room to determine if the Entity can respond to your questions. Next, use the EMF Reader to locate the Entity Room. This will also allow you to tick off if you have experienced a reading of 5 in the House.

Once the Entity Room is located, you will need to place down your ESG Device and Easel Canvas. The Sanity Pills, Crucifix or Voodoo Doll are useful here to use so that you can wait and gather evidence from the room of paranormal activity. Similar to the Hospital, Kurosawa House will regularly greet players with jumpscares so be ready for that, especially if you are playing with friends in which your mic is open in the game. If it is taking too long to get anywhere with the Entity, tease them a bit with the Voodoo Doll but avoid planting all nails into the Doll’s body to limit the chances of a Hunt. The Sanity Pills and Crucifix will keep you safe for longer if you choose to stay inside the House rather than frequently visiting the Base to conserve your sanity. Whilst sanity still decreases, it is at a slower rate than if you were witnessing paranormal activity first-hand.

There are interaction points inside Kurosawa House that are present in every Map in Demonologist. For this Map however, you can find a Mirror inside the Living Area in which you can once again recite ‘Bloody Mary’ 3 times, a Candle that can be lit in the Entrance Area, a Cauldron that you can say ‘Hungry’ at and a Clock in the Altar upstairs that you can ask for the time. All of these offer jumpscares, increasing the Entities paranormal sightings and offering something outside of an ESG Device that can offer more visual evidence on the Entity Type.

Once the Entity can be established, you can move on to the Optional Objectives which are:

  • Put the Katanas Back in Their Rightful Place.
  • Solve the Painting Mystery.
  • Complete ‘Random Objective’.

How to Complete Random Objectives

There are multiple Random Objectives that can appear in Demonologist and you will not know what you have to complete until the Optional Objectives get unlocked. This then will spawn in the tools you will need to use or find to complete the task at hand. The Random Objective will appear with the standard Kurosawa House Objectives but all need to be completed in order to get to the Exorcism Objective. The possible Objectives you can get are:

How to Complete Optional Objectives

We highly recommend that players complete the Random Objective first as the Katanas and Paintings can be completed together. So get the Random Objective out of the way so that you can focus on unlocking the ability to Exorcise the Entity.

The Katanas can be found anywhere inside the House but are typically located on the ground. They will emit a white indicator glow which can be spotted far away so keep your eyes peeled on the ground at all times. You can find the Katana inside the Garden Area and in Main Rooms of the House. These go into your Inventory meaning that you will need space in order to hold them. There are a total of 3 Katanas to find and they correspond to Stands located at the back of the House, behind the Library. The way to know which Katana goes where is based on the Animal Emblem located at the grip of the Sword. The 3 Stands available are of a Bear, Rabbit and Owl. You need to complete the Katana puzzle first to unlock the Painting puzzle.

In the next room, unlocked by completing the Katana puzzle, you will see 4 Paintings and the place to Exorcise the Entity. The goal for the Painting puzzle is to memorize the Paintings in the room, go and find them inside the House and memorize the Paintings position (where their eyes and body is positioned; up, down, left or right) and input their positions onto the 4 Paintings in the Exorcism Room.

How to Complete the Exorcism in Kurosawa House

Once the Paintings have been successfully copied, you can now begin the Exorcism in which you need to find the 3 Items that are bound to the Entity and place them inside the pit in the Exorcism Room. These are the Oni Mask, Pendant and Sphere. You can find these in similar spawn points of the Katana being places like on the floor in corridors, behind the aisles in the Library and in the Main Rooms of the House or Garden Area.

How to Survive Kurosawa House

As you will become a regular visitor to this House we recommend that you do not entice the Entity much more than you need to by interacting with specific furniture inside the rooms that will jumpscare you. Whilst these are fun to witness for your first playthrough, they are not necessary to use for gathering evidence for the Entity Type. We recommend that you strictly stick to using the EMF Reader for paranormal activity location and then utilizing the ESG Device and Easel Canvas to pinpoint specific patterns of behavior the Entity will perform. If you are with a group, you can use multiple Easel Canvases to spread the cost to other players and save money but, they also provide extra support when gathering evidence for that painting you need the Entity to draw up for you.

Whilst we recommended the use of Voodoo Dolls above, these are more of a last resort item to use if you are not getting anywhere with identifying the Entity Type. With the Kurosawa House feeling smaller than Abandoned House, you should have no trouble locating the Entity Room for this one. If you are playing solo, you may find that choosing to play quieter than if you were in a group with mics constantly open that there is a lower chance of a Hunt happening.

That was our full guide on how to beat Kurosawa House in Demonologist. Thank you for reading this GJ article, we hope it was helpful for those entering this Map in the Co-op Ghost Hunting Adventure. For more Demonologist guides, check out all related articles here.

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