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How to solve the puzzle at Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact

Sal Terrae has a mysterious seal blocking the entrance, which you’ve likely seen if you’ve been exploring Liyue. You could always glitch your way under Sal Terrae using a little trick with the Traveler. There’s now a legitimate way to open the seal, introduced during Zhongli’s quest chain. A quest called “A Ruin Under Lock and Key” has you follow Zhongli’s instructions and light the monuments up. Here’s how to solve the puzzle at Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact.

How to solve the puzzle at Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact

To complete A Ruin Under Lock and Key and light up the monuments in the correct order, read through the quest first. Zhongli hints at which order you must light the monument up. There are four monuments on each side of the island, and you need an Electro Character, such as Fischl, in your party to activate them. The monuments are on the north, east, south, and west sides of the island. By reading the quest or listening to the dialog, we can learn the following: 

Wanyan mentions that there is an unbreakable seal in Sal Terrae, and that this seal contains that which the God of Salt left behind. You unlock the first contraption with ease, while Zhongli stated that the key to the second puzzle lies within this statement: Tianheng in the south, Yaoguang in the east, Jueyun in the west, Qingce in the north—All desolate and devoid of life. Liyue is vast, yet even one haven is hard to find.” 

The order you must light the monuments is:

  1. South
  2. East
  3. West
  4. North

After lightning the last one at the north of the island, a brief cutscene will show the seal breaking. “Mr. Zhongli is indeed quite remarkable!” Next, you can make your way over to the seal and learn more about what’s going on here.

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