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How to Play and Find Friends in FIFA 23 Online Friendlies

Not enough time exercise your inner Jurgen Klopp? Not to worry! Check out how to face-off with your friends on Online Friendlies.
Image by: Gimmickyard

Not enough time to create a competitive Ultimate Team? On a tight schedule? Sure! Online Friendlies is still a very popular online mode where players can compete in a head-2-head scenario. Just pick your team and challenge everyone and anyone!

How To Play Online Friendlies

However, the big novelty of this year’s football simulator it’s the fact that players will finally be able to implement cross platform matchmaking! So, you can unleash new rivalries between Xbox and PlayStation users.

Beware! The cross-play matchmaking is not available for cross generation matchups, for example a PlayStation 5 user WILL NOT be able to pair up against a PlayStation 4 players and vice versa with the Xbox consoles. This move has been highly criticized by the fanbase as many titles already have the full cross play feature.

To play with friends, simply go to Play, Quick Modes and then Online Friendlies. After that choose your friend from the Recent Opponents list or tap New Friendly Season. By doing this you’ll start a new head-2-head with a friend that YOU HAVE NOT played with yet.

Then the fun part starts, pick your teams and then face-off against each other!

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