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How to Make a Gundam Build in Armored Core 6?

This build will make you feel like a hydroelectric dam holding back water

It’s not uncommon for fans to try and recreate their favorite mechs in a game like Armored Core 6. From weapons to cosmetic changes, players have a multitude of customization options for their AC. Furthermore, it seems that players have been hard at work designing the best entertainment-inspired builds. People have created Wall-E, Buzz Lightyear, and even Mr. Krabs.

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However, there’s one franchise that was made to be created in a game like Armored Core. And since it’s owned by the same company that publishes the game, many gamers have wondered: how to make a Gundam build in Armored Core 6?

How to Make a Gundam Build in Armored Core 6?

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Now if you know anything about Gundams, you’ll know that there isn’t just one type of mech. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to be looking at the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam. We’re going to take a few liberties with the parts we use, as there is no shield you can put in your left arm slot. But for the most part, this build with the right paint job will make you feel like you’re on the White Base.

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This build is also going to come at the expense of your overall AC effectiveness. Since the build we’re going to look at doesn’t use the weapon slots on your back, you might want to consider adding a few extra pieces if you’re struggling with fights. Here is how to make a Gundam build in Armored Core 6:

  • R-Arm Unit — RF-024 TURNER
  • L-Arm Unit — DF-ET-09 TAI-YANG-SHOU
  • R-Back Unit — NOTHING
  • L-Back Unit — NOTHING
  • Head — VP-44D
  • Core — BD-011 MELANDER
  • Arms — AA-J-123 BASHO
  • Legs — LG-012 MELANDER C3
  • Booster — IA-C01B: GILLS
  • FCS — VE-21B
  • Generator — VE-20C
  • Expansion — ASSAULT ARMOR

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