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Armored Core 6 Best Zimmerman Shotgun Build

An aggressive build to help gain the upper hand in battle.

Figuring out a good Armored Core 6 build can be the difference between an S-Rank and certain death. It seems that pilots have found some interesting customizations when it comes to shotguns. One specific weapon in particular has taken the Rubicon by storm. These weapons will allow players to dive head-first into any fight and come out on top. What’s more, many have found a setup that works beautifully for almost any situation. So let’s sortie this mission and take a look at Armored Core 6 best Zimmerman shotgun build.

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Armored Core 6 Best Zimmerman Shotgun Build

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The Zimmerman shotgun, otherwise known as SG-027 ZIMMERMAN is a weapon that players can unlock after progressing partway through Armored Core 6. These bad boys boast a massive 900 attack power on top of 840 stagger. This makes for fantastic damage, allowing you to close the gap against enemies and deal quick massive shots. If you’re looking to fit this weapon into your build, it’s recommended that you dual-wield two Zimmerman shotguns for maximum damage and stagger.

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However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth build detailing every mech part, we’ve got you covered as well. This build is going to take a few different inspirations and tweak them slightly. As stated previously, this build is perfect for close-quarters combat and will require you to get right in the enemy’s face. Keep in mind that shotgun blasts can be evaded, so if you’re facing an opponent that is super fast, you might want to consider swapping out a back weapon for an assault rifle equivalent. With all that out of the way, here is Armored Core 6 best Zimmerman shotgun build:

  • R-Arm Unit — SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • L-Arm Unit — SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • R-Back Unit — WR-0777 SWEET SIXTEEN
  • L-Back Unit — HI-32: BU-TT/A
  • Head — EL-PH-00 ALBA
  • Core — EL-PC-00 ALBA
  • Arms — EL-PA-00
  • Legs — NACHTREIHER/42E
  • Booster — BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS — FC-006 ABBOT
  • Generator — DF-GN-06 MING-TANG
  • Expansion — TERMINAL ARMOR

How to Use Zimmerman Shotgun Build in Armored Core 6

Once you collect all the parts (or most of them), then you’re ready to test this bad boy out in a real fight. We touched on it a bit earlier, and we’re going to go into a bit more detail as to how this build works. Since you primarily work with short-range weapons with a wide spread, you’ll want to get as close to the enemy as possible.

The only downside to the Zimmerman is that its reload time can be quite long, this is where our other weapons come into play. Whether you decide to use melee or more ranged weapons, swap guns as soon as you shoot the shotguns for maximum damage. Since your weapons reload even when they’re on your shoulders, this allows you to keep the pressure up and possibly stagger bigger enemies.

That’s one way to use this build. A second Zimmerman build strategy focuses on bosses and enemies with large health pools and involves a lot of poking and prodding. You’ll want to rush the enemy, deal damage with your shotguns, and then immediately back off until your guns reload. This causes the enemy’s stagger meter to build at a faster rate, and when they’re fully staggered, that’s when you swap weapons. Melee weapons work well for this playstyle since you can swap to them and deal massive damage during the enemy’s recovery. But either way, you play it, the Zimmerman will be your best friend when going up against the impossible.

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