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Best Custom Paint Jobs by Armored Core 6 Community

If only someone could make Hank Hill, then we'd be in business

There seems to be no shortage of talented artists who grace gaming communities with their presence. Since Armored Core 6 is no different, players have been spending an exuberant amount of hours in the garage meticulously crafting and creating metal works of art. There are some people who decided to focus on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 emblem/decal creator. However, there are other ways to trick out your mech. Specifically, creating custom paint jobs with AC6’s very detailed color picker can be quite an undertaking. Let’s check the garage, and take a look at the best custom pain jobs by Armored Core 6 community.

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Best Custom Paint Jobs by Armored Core 6 Community

Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community share id
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Unfortunately unlike decals, replicating a custom pain job on a mech can be a bit complex. Much like decals, players can copy and paste a share ID into the ‘AC Data’ menu under the download section. However, since there are specific parts you’ll most likely be missing out on, you might not be able to just copy and paste the build. We are going to give y’all the name of the paint job, as well as the share ID you can use, and a little bit of info about it.

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Thankfully, once you download a mech into your AC Data menu, it will be there whenever you have the parts/money to load it. As with other share ID’s in AC6, they are platform locked. This means if someone shares an ID from Xbox, someone on PC won’t be able to download it. We are going to list a total of 5 different mech-build/paint jobs in no particular order that we found to be quite entertaining. Therefore, if you want to find ones not on this list, consider checking out the Armored Core Reddit. And with all that out of the way, let’s dive right in to the first custom pain job by Armored Core 6 community.

Best Custom Paint Jobs in Armored Core 6 — Wall-E [PC]


Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community wall-e
Screenshot via ItsMeDimo/FromSoftware

First up on the list is everyone’s favorite mobile compactor, now supersized, Wall-E by Redditor ItsMeDimo. Looking a bit more like his larger counterpart Wall-A, this paint job works perfectly for anyone wanting to waste their enemies. Since Wall-E is all about protecting the environment, you can do your part by disposing of your foes in pieces. Perfectly square, and compact pieces.

Best Custom Paint Jobs in Armored Core 6 — Team Fortress 2 Heavy [PS]


Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community tf2 heavy
Screenshot via Glitch07277/FromSoftware

Next, we’re going to take a look at a familiar friend who is used to being a tank. We’re of course talking about the Heavy from game Team Fortress 2. Created by Glitch07277 on Reddit, this build perfectly encapsulates how grueling being a heavy in AC6 would be. His guns will cost you a pretty penny on your expense report, but he makes up for it with his dashing style. And while it may be a slender than the TF2 tank you’re used to, he more than makes up for it in the artillery he carries.

Best Custom Paint Jobs in Armored Core 6 — Mr. Krabs [PC]

Share ID: TS533N4YHV46

Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community mr krabs
Screenshot via eattoes2000/FromSoftware

Coming in the middle of the list, is a lovely rendition of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants. Created by eattoes2000, it’s pretty uncanny the way they were able to capture the crab-like features in a mech build. Looking further into the post, the creator seems to have had a specific image of the money crazy crustacean in mind. You’ll have to put your own weapons and artillery on this build, but as a starting point, who would be more enticed by completing missions for money than Mr. Krabs?

Best Custom Paint Jobs in Armored Core 6 — E-123 Omega [Xbox]

Share ID: 2QQC8J3AWCF9

Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community omega
Screenshot via Cybil_bit/FromSoftware

Fourth on our list of best custom paint jobs is the rouge (not the bat) robot of Team Dark, E-123 Omega from the Sonic franchise. Fans who played games such as Sonic Heroes will immediately recognize this bad boy, due in part to the great paint job by Cybil_bit on Reddit. Equipped with a chaingun in one hand and a grenade launcher in another, this guy works well for a build as well as a paint job. And even though this list focuses primarily on the look of the AC rather than the practicality, E-123 Omega makes for a formidable foe in combat.

Best Custom Paint Jobs in Armored Core 6 — Buzz Lightyear [PS]


Best Custom Paint Job by Armored Core 6 community buzz lightyear
Screenshot via OkReplacement7748/FromSoftware

Finally, rounding out our list is a paint job that will make you wish you had a friend to help you. We’re of course talking about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, created by OkReplacement7748. You’ll find a decent amount of decals combined with the paint colors, making for a truly interesting look into what if Buzz Lightyear combined with Zurg. Just make sure to add another weapon to your off-hand, something like an energy sword would fit perfectly with the look.

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