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Armored Core 6 Hunter Class Rewards

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Armored Core 6 places players within a plethora of playable possibilities. From following the story taking place on Planet Rubicon, to duking it out with other AC Pilots in the Arena. But within the story missions of the game, there are chances for your to earn more than just mission rewards. Defeating optional enemies within these story missions, Pilots can increase their hunter rank and thus, earn rewards. Some of these rewards being extremely beneficial to a players build. So let’s scan the area and take a look at all Armored Core 6 Hunter Class rewards.

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Armored Core 6 Hunter Class Rewards

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There’s more than 30 missions that players can find combat logs in over the course of three playthroughs in Armored Core 6. Each combat log you earn is ranked within a certain tier of log based on the difficulty of the enemy/enemies. Bronze logs will earn you the least progression for your Hunter Class, while Platinum logs earn you the most. After completing every mission with combat logs in them, you’ll reach the max rank of 15 and be awarded the Elite Hunter emblem to either place on your AC, or use as your in-game Pilot profile picture.

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We’re going to go over each reward for each rank, with everything being a part you can equip to your AC. While the earlier parts won’t be as beneficial depending on how many times you’ve ‘scaled the wall’, the parts later on provide massive benefits, with one even bearing a coral effect on it. Take a look at all the Armored Core 6 Hunter Class rewards:

  • Rank 1 — 04-101 MIND ALPHA (Arms)
  • Rank 2 — 44-141 JVLN ALPHA (Detonating Bazooka)
  • Rank 3 — 06-041 MIND ALPHA (Bipedal Legs)
  • Rank 4 — 45-091 JVLN BETA (Detonating Missile Launcher)
  • Rank 5 — 07-061 MIND ALPHA (Core)
  • Rank 6 — 44-143 HMMR (Plasma Thrower)
  • Rank 7 — 06-042 MIND BETA (Reverse Joint Legs)
  • Rank 8 — IB-C03G: NGI 000 (Generator)
  • Rank 9 — 45-091 ORBIT (Laser Orbit)
  • Rank 10 — 20-081 MIND ALPHA (Head)
  • Rank 11 — IB-C03F: WLT 001 (FCS)
  • Rank 12 — 44-142 KRSV (Multi Energy Rifle)
  • Rank 13 — IB-C03B: NGI 001 (Booster)
  • Rank 14 — 20-082 MIND BETA (Head)
  • Rank 15 — IB-C03W2: WLT 101 (Coral Oscillator)

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